5 Ways to Create Engaging Blog Content When You Lack Creativity

Even the most experienced bloggers sometimes have difficulty coming up with fresh, relevant topics. It’s a frustrating situation; if it goes on for too long, bloggers can even feel like they’ve lost their touch and should give up the activity altogether. Often, it’s easier than you think to regain motivation. Keep reading for five ideas to try today and create engaging blog content.

Stir Up Controversyengaging blog content

Blogging is an effective way to gain attention for topics you believe in. Depending on your views, you might risk alienating friends, but by taking an unpopular stance and sticking to it, you could boost traffic and get admiration from readers. Ideally, conclude a blog post with an open-ended question that encourages sharing of alternative views.

Take New Angles on Topics of Expertise

Often, people create blog posts on topics they know well. Whether you’d consider yourself to be extremely knowledgeable about gardens or want to share pointers on feeling like a local after moving to a new city, broadcast your perspectives in ways that are new and exciting, and always given in a friendly voice. Done correctly, this can both educate and excite readers without putting you outside a comfort zone.

Offer a Peek at your Thought Process

When blogging for personal reasons or in conjunction with a business venture, it’s likely that you draw from several sources of inspiration. As you generate readership, people may begin wondering what makes you tick, and whether certain industry figures or famous people drove some past decisions.

Take a few hours to compile quotes, images or stories that have stood out, and publish a few on your blog. Adding in personal stories of what they mean to you and how they’ve influenced the way you think will engage your readers and help them bond with you as an author.

Show a Humorous Perspective on Everyday Life

The ability to describe an ordinary event in a way that’s memorable is one of the characteristics of a great blogger. Everyone goes through mundane engaging blog contenttasks and unfortunate occurrences, but the trick is to chronicle those happenings with a light-hearted voice. Even things like getting lost on the way to a business conference or sleeping through the alarm clock can turn into teachable moments and mean that you don’t have to look very far to start drafting outlines for upcoming topics.

Scrutinize Pop Culture

Many people love to stay informed about pop culture, and you can appeal to that desire through blog posts. Looking forward to the latest episode of “Mad Men,” or want to discuss how the latest thriller novel from J.D. Robb didn’t live up to expectations? Use your blog as a platform.

Begin by writing a short summary of the content you’re giving feedback about, and then dive into pros and cons. People may not always agree, but at least you may be helping them stay abreast of new releases and influencing how they spend their free time.

Everyone suffers from writer’s block from time to time, but hopefully these ideas can get your creativity back on track. Being stuck in the unfortunate situation of believing you have nothing worthwhile to say can be intensely frustrating, but a little creativity goes a long way.

Let us know what do you think about these tips of creating engaging blog content. We love to get feedbacks. Share your views with us in the comment section.

Author: Katie Elizabeth

Katie Elizabeth is a freelance blogger and content coordinator. She writes about anything from natural pest control for gardens to social media and technology.

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  1. I especially agree with the last point, that is, writing in your own voice. In my opinion, the best way to connect with your readers is to write in a conversational voice. Talk to them like a friend, ya know? When I read an article, I don’t want it to sound like I’m talking to a robot. I like to realize that there was a real human being who wrote that post that I’m reading. A conversational, friendly voice helps with that.

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  2. Every time when i feel like dig under the blanket and forget about everything because of lack of inspiration, i go out, just sit in a park watching people trying to guess who they are, what they do etc. it really helps. so many good ideas come to my mind…

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  3. Hi Katie,
    Your tips are really interesting. Enraging audience is what we can do to ensure that our blogs survive and what more will be important than the content in this regard.
    Thanks for this useful post.

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  4. Share the current will be great and effortless ways to create engaging content. Take a look at the calendar and check out what’s happening in the local or national news. You’ll find there’s no shortage of current events to share with your audience.

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  5. yes Katie, I have just same type of problem like you mention in your article. I try very hard to get rid from this problem but i don’t think all my hardwork is giving me any results. I follow you in twitter.com . If you have some time can we share some pointers on “how to gain my old passion and joy on writing blog?” It is very important for me Katie, and your post is very helpful….

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  6. Creativity is the soul of blogging. Looking around yourself, you can get something to write on if you are talented in the area of creativity. Trending things could also be a source to draw from. just search for the latest news online or even offline that are related to your niche and they can easily attract crowds to your site.
    Writing on controversy issues must be done with great caution as it can sometimes boomerang and drive away your readers who have hitherto held you in great respect.

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