Emotional Advertising: How To Incorporate Emotions In Your Ads

Some of the most memorable ads use emotional advertising techniques. According to psychology experts, humans have six basic emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, and disgust. If you want to create compelling ads for your brand, you need to tap at least one of these feelings.

Many businesses have succeeded in using this strategy. If you’re planning to use emotional advertising for your brand, too, you can hire an ad agency in Melbourne. They can help you create and execute your marketing plans to launch your ad campaign. Here are some tips for appealing to human emotions in your ads.

Present ‘Good Vibes’

One of the best ways to succeed in this type of advertising is to make your audience feel good. Present content that will make anyone who sees it experience happiness. Take Coca-Cola’s ‘Open Happiness’ ad, for example. Instead of directly telling people to purchase their products, Coca-Cola advocates for sharing happiness with other people. Now, many people unconsciously think that buying a bottle of soda will make them feel happy.

Create Tear-Jerker Ads

Another powerful way is to make your audience cry. Yes, your campaign will be successful if they bawl their eyes out. Who will ever forget a video that made them cry, right?

One supermarket company in Germany used this method. Their ad video showed how a grandfather, who was living alone, wanted to see his family so badly. What he did was he faked his death. When all his children and grandkids arrived, they were surprised to see a table set for a celebration, just in time for the holidays. Then, the grandfather showed up and told everyone, ‘How else could I have brought you all together?’ The ad ended with a reminder that we should all come home.

Start a Conversation

Do not be afraid to stir up people’s emotions. You can also make your audience feel angry with your ad, but make sure that you place a surprising reveal at the end. This way, you can effectively convey your campaign. The ‘Always’ brand successfully used this method with the #LikeAGirl ad.

At the beginning of the video, people were shown portraying how women supposedly run, throw, and fight weakly or clumsily. Then, towards the end of the video, young girls were shown behaving differently when asked to act like a girl. They ran as fast as they could. They acted like they were the strongest people in the world. The ad ended with a message encouraging women to feel more confident about ‘being a girl’ because there is nothing wrong with being one.

The best thing about emotional advertising is that it does not directly tell people to make a purchase. Advertisements that touch on emotions often present realistic and relatable scenarios to their audience. The main goal is to let potential consumers remember your brand. If you create compelling emotional ads, people will unconsciously incorporate your brand into different scenarios and daily activities that they will eventually decide to purchase your products.

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