5 Benefits Of Effective Advertisements For your Business

Advertising plays a fundamental role in business growth. It raises brand awareness, drives relevant traffic to your store, and maximizes conversions. Above all, it helps you build a recognizable brand image and stand out in the sea of similar companies.

Here is how to use advertising to boost your business.

1. Raising Brand and Product Awareness

To encourage customers to purchase from you, you first need to raise their awareness of your brand. That is where investing in advertising can help.

For example, paid search ads allow you to show up high in Google’s SERPs for relevant keywords. They immediately attract customer attention and increase their awareness of your brand.

Offline ads, such as digital signage or print ads, are also a powerful brand awareness booster. They put your brand in front of larger customer groups and increase the overall brand memorability and recall.

To increase brand awareness and recall, you need to build a consistent tone of voice across all advertising channels you use.

For starters, consider creating a detailed brand style guide that will dictate how marketers and designers will use your brand assets, such as its logo, colors, slogans, fonts, typography, etc. Make sure your brand appears consistent and recognizable.

2. Driving Traffic to you your Physical and Online Stores

Advertisements drive faster results than offline marketing forms.

Let’s take the example of PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and SEO. While SEO takes weeks, months, and even years to deliver the desired results, PPC ensures faster brand visibility. When your PPC campaigns are approved, your ads will show up in front of the right customers on Google.

That is immensely important for new brands and small businesses wanting to put themselves in front of the target customers and drive foot and website traffic. To increase the effectiveness of your online ads, you need to optimize your PPC ads with the right keywords and target your audiences strategically (more on that below).

You can even use print ads and digital signage to promote your digital channels. For example, add QR codes to your flyers, LED displays, and direct emails. Once customers scan them, they can land on your website, product pages, promotional landing pages, signup forms, and even your social media channels.

3. Boosting Customer Conversions  

Online advertising can help you maximize conversions in multiple ways.

Let’s take the example of paid search ads and social media ads. They are highly targeted, allowing you to narrow down your audience groups by their age, gender, geolocation, family status, income, education, content preferences, previous purchases, etc.

That way, you can focus on the customers interested in your brands and products rather than casting your net wide. For instance, if you are running an agency for female models in London, you could use Google Ads and social media ads to attract London-based businesses seeking models for their marketing campaigns.

4. Re-Engaging Customers

Shopping cart abandonment is your company’s archenemy. According to statistics, 97% of people who visit your site for the first time leave without buying anything. Most of these customers will never come back to your store.

Fortunately, paid ads can help you reduce these figures.

As mentioned above, using ad targeting can help you drive more relevant traffic to your website. When building relationships with the audiences in your products, you minimize cart abandonment rates.

Most importantly, digital advertising offers impressive customer retargeting options. Remarketing targets audiences who have already visited your website or social media profiles. These campaigns remind your website visitors of the products they left on your website without finalizing the purchase. You can use Google Ads, Facebook retargeting, LinkedIn Ads, and similar retargeting advertising platforms to run remarketing campaigns.

5. Building a Recognizable Employer Brand

Today, attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talent is one of the major challenges small businesses face. That is where running on-brand paid ads can help you.

Let’s take the example of Facebook Ads. Their targeting functionalities will put your business on the radar of the right candidates. For instance, you can target recruiting ads by potential candidates’ geolocation, age, education, job title, etc.

Apart from attracting qualified candidates, paid ads can also help you increase your employer brand. The goal is to build a memorable and trustworthy company brand image that stands out.

Advertising Is the Key to Building a Thriving Brand

Advertising helps you boost brand awareness, drive relevant traffic, and maximize conversion rates.

Sure, to get the most out of your brand advertising strategy, you need to keep it consistent, recognizable, and memorable across all advertising channels you use.

Above all, you will need to set clear advertising goals to build relevant and measurable advertising campaigns. 

How do you use advertising to grow your business? Please, share your thoughts and experiences with us !

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