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If you’re trying to improve your online visibility, you will have likely heard of SEO, which is search engine optimisation. SEO means optimising every aspect of your digital presence and making sure it’s compatible with search engines and their algorithms. By doing this, you can improve your online visibility to those searching for products and services you offer and, hopefully, increase organic traffic to your site. The issue is, no one knows what the algorithms are, so it’s a little bit of a guessing game. Thankfully, some tips have been proven to help with SEO and improve online visibility. There are plenty of other tips out there that you can use, but you may want to speak to the professionals at Itonic before implementing them! This ensures that they’ll work well for your site.

Utilise keywords

This might just be the most critical aspect of SEO to conquer. Keywords and phrases are what consumers search for when they’re looking for something. An example of a key phrase could be ‘blue woollen hat’, or perhaps ‘bakery near me’. The keywords or phrases directly relate to a consumers search. If you offer what someone is searching for or have anything to do with that search, you’ll want to appear as a result. To do this, you must include particular keywords on your website. They can be in the titles of pages, in the content of pages, and in captions and alt texts of images and videos. This is great for SEO as a search engine will be able to pick up on those keywords and phrases and show them to those looking.

Add internal links

When many marketers think about placing links, they think about linking outbound links. These links connect different sites to one another. Yes, they are essential to online visibility, but that doesn’t mean internal links should be forgotten about. Internal links are links that connect pages of the same site. This could mean adding a link on the homepage to the FAQ page or perhaps adding a link on the how-to page and linking payment options or an address. These links are great for site users as they’re convenient. They’re also great for search engine crawlers to crawl your site and cache all of the information you’re providing. Once the crawlers have cached and indexed your content, they will be able to pair your content with particular results pages.

Have video content

Video marketing is booming right now. Not only is it engaging for consumers, it’s also a great addition to any SEO strategy. Firstly, when someone comes across a video they see online, it can encourage them to visit your website. This can instantly improve the organic traffic to your site, which is great. Secondly, search engines care about video content. If you were to make any search query now, some sort of video content would likely appear as a result. This is why it’s essential to cash-in on video. Search engine crawlers don’t just crawl the content of a page; they can also look at other media types. Search engines think your site is varied and informative by having multiple media types, such as content, images, and video. This gives you a better chance of ranking higher when a search query has been made. However, this doesn’t mean you need to create a cinematic masterpiece. Simple product videos, informative clips or even gifs can work well!

Optimise images and videos

Once you have posted ample images and clips, there is something else you can do to optimise them. When posting your media, you need to name it as it is. The more specific, the better. This is because when someone searches for a particular word or phrase, a search engine can recognise that your image or video is of that phrase and provide it as a result. Not only is this great for improving your online visibility and reaching consumers, but it’s a great way to be competitive too.

Even though these tips are pretty simple and easy to follow, you will not see results immediately. SEO takes time, and it’s not something that can be improved overnight. So, be patient. If you have done this right, then you should see results.

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