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Review : eCommerce Website Builder by 1ShoppingCart

Nothing could be more frustrating than trying to sell a product online when you don’t have a good site to show it off. That’s the wall that many small business owners meet when they transition from traditional customers in store to an eCommerce site that can be accessed 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

One of the key mistakes is to create a store on your own without a secure shopping cart. While many stores offer sole payment through Paypal, this isn’t the ideal method of payment for many online shoppers. They want to be able to use their credit cards and easily check out after selecting their purchases. That’s why it’s so important that business owners and independent merchants look for all-in-one store builder.

ecommerce website builder

There are a lot of different software companies offering this eCommerce solution nowadays, but you have to look for a few features that really will make your site much better than a competitor. For one, a good online store needs an organized layout. The formula essentially has links at the top that categorize products as well as a sidebar for further categorization.

There are also other links at the top that go to the about page, frequently asked questions, help or other company links. In addition, stores have to have a secure payment and shopping cart icon. This alone can increase your sales dramatically. Merchants also use marketing tools to be able to track purchases and understand what items they should be promoting and producing. A few store builders offer all of this in one package. For example, the eCommerce website builder by 1ShoppingCart has thousands of store templates, secure shopping carts, user licenses, mobile commerce solutions and marketing tools. This is the best type of software that you could buy for your online business.

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