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Promoting Digital Products And Services – Taking The First Step

Few months ago, I created a new site to exclusively promote digital products and services. However, due to my day job, I couldn’t find enough time to kick start the website. That’s why I have decided that instead of a separate website, I will create a different category right here on Lion Blogger.

Lion Blogger will soon have a new category which will exclusively showcase some of the best digital products and services. The products and services can include anything that is digital.

Below is a list of products and services that Lion Blogger will mainly be focusing on.

  • Best Digital Services – Highlight and promote the best online services which may range from Hosting Services, CDN Services to online management softwares.
  • Themes and Plugins – Highlight and promote the best web development and web designing themes and plugins for your online project. It will range from CMS to different frameworks.
  • Softwares – A more specialized category for online softwares that provide different types of online services like project management, team management etc.
  • Ebooks and Online Guides – Highlight and promote the best online guides and ebooks available.
  • Marketing Tools – Highlight and promote the best online and social media marketing tools.
  • Programming Tools – Highlight and promote the best programming tools which will include free as well as premium tools. It can range simple HTML editors to complicated programming frameworks.

Below is the disclaimer that I originally wrote for the site.

  • It will only bring forward the products and services which are popular on the Internet. We understand that even popular products have flaws often encountered by users.
  • It only highlights and promotes the products by providing external links to the products. It does not store any software or product within it’s own server.
  • All the links are however Affiliate Links which means any of the visitor buying the product will result in a commission for the Lion Blogger.
  • Lion Blogger does not sell links to product companies. All the external links to the product websites are made nofollow.
  • Lion Blogger may produce content if a specific product company offers compensation for it. However, such content will only be produced if that particular product meets the standard and quality of the existing products which are normally promoted on the site.

So, make sure you stay tuned to Lion Blogger because I have some great content lined up for the next few weeks.

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