Best Approach To Boost Sales For Your Magento 2 Store

The success rate for an e-commerce website is ultimately based on the number of conversions it gains in a periodic cycle. Not only it allows the generation of new leads, but keeping the already-attached customers with you must be your top priority. Along with current marketing tactics and feasible services, it is critical to provide your user with an environment that engages them best. More you engage your customers, higher the chances of sales.

Since the competition is very tough in the e-commerce business as according to GoDaddy, on average 16 websites are being launched per day. Hence it is crucial to infuse the latest technology and smart tactics to your business.

Why you should migrate to Magento 2 ?

Magento 2 could be the solution for you to provide your users with a platform that is very much suitable. Dealers are still confused upon migration to Magento 2 from Magento 1. Let’s have a brief look at why you should migrate to Magento 2.

  • Reduces the chances of paying for development repeatedly.
  • Many agencies are still looking to build a case study about Magento 2 for new businesses.
  • Introduction of new features and functions.
  • Improved scalability, product imports, and better admin interface.

According to stats, about 50,314 sites are using Magento 2, and of them, 4,181 websites rank in top 1m.


Boost-Up Magento 2 Store Sales

It provides e-commerce industry a platform with several facilities which is based on an open source technology. Along with a content-controlled environment and flexible shopping cart system, it also enables the dealers for ground-breaking promotion, search engine optimization and suitable tools for catalog management. All this combined to result in improved performance and goals.

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Using the below tips you can increase your Magento 2 store sales rapidly.

1. On-Site Pop-Ups

People consider pop-ups obnoxious while it works actually. If utilized correctly, they can all alone win for you. You may use artificial intelligence to target the audience accordingly. Right pop-up for the right audience could be the key to success. Different extensions enable you to create eye-catching pop-ups that convert.

  1. You can always collect the emails of new customers by offering them a free sign up and some attractive discounts. Check the ways of establishing an appealing registration form.
  2. Creating a sense of urgency often grabs a customer’s attention. Show them a rundown clock for an expiry time of your timely sales.
  3. Set-up exit-intent pop-ups on configured time.
  4. Set up flash sales to the users who are reaching you through emails, Adwords or about to leave your website. It will generate a thought that they are unique and the discount is for them only.

2. User-Friendly Searches

Very often dealers neglect this feature offered by Magento 2. It can engage your customers with your webpages for a long time. Almost every website possess this feature, but not all of them utilizes it to the best.

Users who spend time searching on your store are more likely to purchase as they are looking for some product and has a clear intention of what to buy.

So keep a proper check on your website searching abilities and install suitable extensions to avail following facilities from search bar:

  1. Utilize Search AutoCorrrection to fix the spellings.
  2. Show your customer the relevant product once they start typing using Search AutoComplete.
  3. Add visuals and thumbnail images of the product in the search bar as it provides a clear overview of the product without wasting too much time.

Site searches not only provide your customers with a facility to look around their favorite products but also help you to analyze the behavior of your customers.

  • It gives you an idea of what customers like the most.
  • Let you know if any out of stock item is in demand.
  • Using this analysis, your automated email system will order your merchandise if any product is needed in the store.

3. Content First Approach

Your content serves as the very first interaction of your store with your consumer. If the content is appealing, it will force customers to be with you and make them to your sales funnel.

When you place engaging content at the top of the funnel, your visitors will ultimately find the brand while searching for the products. If your brand attracts them, they will make a purchase. Tools like AustralianMaster and Crowd Writer can be utilized to create content that really converts.

It is also observed that long keywords play an essential role in Magento’s Content First strategy. For creating trending keywords tools like MOZ and Google Trends will guide you.

4. Adopt Extensions

Many extensions are available for Magento 2. However, using them to their perfection is the primary key to success. Consider some below-described extensions to increase your store sales.

Live chats build a sense of trust in your customers. Install live chat extension to support your users 24/7.

Utilize Marketing Automation to for AI-powered up-sell and cross-sell products and many more.

Most of the e-commerce visitors and buyers use mobile phones for making purchases. Make your website mobile-friendly using content customization extensions.

These extensions, tools, and tips will surely help you with increase your Magento 2 sales.

Author Bio: Stella Lincoln is a mother of two cute daughters who live in California. She is currently working as a front-end developer at Academist Help and a science tutor at MHR Writer. She has a great interest in technological advancements and loves to travel the world to explore nature.

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