Amazon Launches Aurora Cloud Database

Amazon has launched a Relational Database Engine on it’s cloud known as Amazon Aurora. It’s a fully managed MySQL compatible platform. It’s speed and efficiency is comparable to high end commercial databases.

Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular. Now users also want to store their own databases on the cloud. Google has it’s own Cloud Database Platform which is known as Google Cloud SQL. With Amazon’s venture into the cloud database market, it looks like Google has some competition in it’s hands.

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Amazon Aurora has been designed to help users focus on the development of application. What’s more impressive is that users don’t need to take their application offline to add more storage. In fact, Amazon itself will add 10GB storage whenever you need more storage all the way upto 64TB.

The user’s data will be very secured. Amazon Aurora has 3 availibility zones each of which will have 2 copies of data. Data is automatically synchronized among the 3 availibility zones when new data is added. Amazon Aurora is designed for 99.9% availibility and is compatible with version 5.6 of MySQL.

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