Links are important – But You Shouldn’t Link Just For Having Links

Links are the most important key for internet users to navigate on the internet and to go to places they desire whether it is on kids’ website or government website. The importance of links have linksbecome widely popular well known by many internet marketers and link builders in order to increase the popularity of their websites and drive more targeted visitors that could turn into their clients.

However, there are two important factors that you should look at before you praise links so much and value it as it will help determine how your website will succeed in your industry. Most people don’t think about this and they continue to look at links as the key to success. Although, this may seem correct in some ways, it will always be important and will never be ignored by search engines. To understand more deeply the importance of links and why you should not build for links, below is an in-depth explanation that you might want to consider reading for a while.

We all know that links are the most valuable part of a website. It is the only way for us to go to one page to another page of the website. More importantly, your website will benefit in the long run if high quality valid links are build from authority websites which is one of the main reasons why links are important.

Why Links are important ?

  • Helps your website gain exposure – Once your website gets an inbound link from another highly website, you will be seen as an authoritative website by other people as your website was used as reference in a high quality content with huge amount of traffic volume regularly.
  • Helps your website gain authority – In the long run, if your website always receives an inbound link from another websites related to your industry, your website will gain authority and will increase the chance of succeeding in the competition in your niche. It will also build more reputation to your website which will benefit your website performance in the long run.
  • Helps your website succeed – Being used as a reference by other authoritative website is definitely a good opportunity for a website. It will attract more attention of potential readers especially if the content of the article that your website is linking to is an evergreen content! Evergreen content is always beneficial to its targeted readers, so it is surely no doubt that your website will continuously receive incoming visitors from time to time.

Despite the positive effects of links to for websites, having links can also have negative effect. Most people are not aware of the negative side of building links. It can potentially damage your website and affect your business if done improperly. Below is the main reason why you should not build for links for the sake of having links.links

Why building links should be done carefully ?

  • Links can be manipulated – Well unfortunately, most website owners tend to spend a lot of effort and dedication to make their website appear in SERPs, so they always spend their time to build links, links and links to increase the referring domains to their website in purpose. Especially if your website is receiving its links mostly from web directories and article directories online.
  • Can harm your website performance – Most people are not aware of this but if a website gets a lot of inbound links within a short period of time, it is likely that your website will have problem with its performance in SERP which can affect your traffic and online reputation.

Outgoing or incoming links do matter in SEO. It is the best way for a website to get discovered on the internet especially if there are lots of existing websites providing the same services that your website provides.

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