Why Bloggers Give up When They Shouldn’t

Blogging seems to be a world of its own. It’s presented as a great way to speak your mind, build an online presence and a brand, get followers, and make money. Many new bloggers don’t think about the percentage of blogs that actually turn into income streams, though. There’s no way to calculate the numbers due to many inactive blogs on the web, but the rough estimate is that only 5% of bloggers make a full-time income. Even though it may seem like a small number, it’s important to note that there are 600 million blogs globally. That means that about 30 million blogs generate a full-time income. So why do many bloggers give up?


They Are Not Patient

Many successful bloggers say that patience is the number one trait needed for success. Unfortunately, not many new bloggers have it. They have invested some money and created a website, thinking that it will instantly rank, but that’s hardly the case. Soon they find themselves wondering if blogging even pays off and quit right before their websites start ranking. Patience is a virtue that can be practiced, and in this case, it can come in handy.  

They Have No Time

Everyone would like to be entrepreneurs, thinking that it’s not that demanding. But setting up a blog and working on it requires time and effort. There are weekly blog post updates, checking if all the tools are connected and showing correct numbers, blog post optimization, and writing the actual posts. Furthermore, many people probably have full-time jobs, so juggling that and the blog can be tough. That’s why people decide to keep the job and quit blogging altogether, instead of slowing down and managing time and responsibilities better. 

There Are No Results

Creating a blog post and staring at zero views can be tough. Opening the Google Search Console and seeing a low number of clicks causes pain. However, new bloggers tend to forget that results don’t come overnight. It’s like watching a plant grow. The process is slow, but with proper nourishment, it’ll get there. Back to patience—it’s an essential trait when it comes to blogging.


The Niche Is Wrong

The logical step would be to write about what you love. But sometimes, what bloggers love is not enough to get them noticed and make people want to read the articles. By failing to explore different niches and listening to their heart only, many new bloggers tend to focus on what they love instead of what yields results. They run out of ideas for their blog posts and fall into despair, thinking that nothing will improve. Instead, they can create a multi-niche blog and cover a few niches equally.


Blogging can become a lucrative business, yet people keep quitting right before they reach a milestone. Waiting for results and managing full-time work and blogging can be daunting, but everything is possible with patience. Results can’t come instantly, and blogging should be treated just like other businesses that might take a few years to kick off. It’s important to find the right niche and work on it steadily. With 30 million blogs generating significant income, there’s a place for everyone to thrive.

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