What Is Influencer Marketing And When Should You Use It?

From annoying ads that just won’t go away until you engage with them, to adblockers and websites with adblocker walls – the war on getting products and brands out there by every means necessary continues to rage. People simply hate being rudely interrupted and many will leave a website that has such intrusive ads or an adblocker wall.  

If you feel your business is in dire need of a change in terms of your marketing efforts, then influencer marketing can be just the strategy for you. In the simplest of terms, by forging and nurturing relationships with influential people from your industry or on social media in general, you increase your customer base.

Being where your customers are

Just in case you woke up from a 10-year-long sleep: social media are the thing now. Even your grandma has created a Facebook profile and is praising you in the comment section under your photos. The trick is to first learn which social media is the most popular among your target audience and leverage that information. 

Once you learn that information, it is time to look for influencers that are active on those social networks and whose words are respected in that community. Hiring celebrities to advertise your products on social media can be expensive and it won’t help with making your brand relatable. Your customers might also be celebrities but they will mostly comprise of ‘regular’ people so you need a ‘regular’ person to be your brand’s spokesman. When it comes to your marketing efforts, social media are the place to be.

Raise awareness about your brand

Reaching out to influencers will get your brand on the map because, as mentioned, people have grown weary of aggressive ads. The newest generations have seen all the tricks in the book and they mostly rely on recommendations of people who aren’t a movie or music superstars. They believe the word of a YouTube channel that started small or an Instagram profile of a working mom – in other words, they believe people that remind them of themselves.

Having influencers on your side is an excellent method but there are other tricks that can achieve maximum results. For instance, you can consider making your brand stand out by personalizing your domain name with a memorable extension such as .me, In Google’s eyes, .me is treated the same as .com, and as for your domain name security, it can be additionally protected with Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and a Registry Lock. Of course, it is also essential you choose a reliable domain registrar.

Increase search visibility

Guest blogging is proving to be a mighty link building strategy for brands from different industries. For starters, starting a blog will help establish your brand as an expert in your field owing to the information and tips and tricks that you share. This selfless sharing of important information will inspire them to purchase your products.

So, an influencer partnered with your brand will publish your articles on their blog, you will publish their blog posts, all the while the links to your website are finding their place on reputable blogs and websites. People will come across them while reading and by clicking them, find themselves on a landing page of your choice. Guest blogging that includes influencers is an excellent strategy for boosting your brand visibility and making your brand relatable as well. 

Promote your content on a budget

Influencer marketing will ask for your time and effort, but luckily for many small businesses struggling to rise in the world of business, it will not demand a lot of your money. Paid marketing campaigns can be expensive and the results that they bring are mostly temporary, and in any business, it’s the long-term that counts. 

Your costs in relation to the influencers can vary to a great degree because everything depends on the influencer. Some would want money, some goods, while some won’t charge you at all. The last group either doesn’t do that for the money or your brand is inspiration enough for them. Be that as it may, PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns can encompass the cost of the clicks and also monthly management fees.

Wrapping up

Influencer marketing is an incredibly effective tool to raise awareness about your brand and target your audience more precisely. In addition to that, your website and blog’s search visibility can be increased with the help of influencers and guest blogging. 

Also, this approach is cost-effective which makes it perfect for small businesses that are looking for a chance to join the big league. So, find your influencers and partner up so you can grow your business!

Jolene Rutherford is a marketing specialist – turned blogger, currently writing for technivorz.com. Interested in digital marketing and new technology trends. Love sharing content that can help and mean to people.

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