Ways to Make Your Site Stand Out from the Competition

Has your website been performing poorly? Is your ecommerce store doing far less in revenue than it should in spite of all the traffic you are driving to it? Are you looking for what to do in order to improve your website’s performance and conversion?

ways to make your site stand out

Would you like to know what you need to do to make your website stand out from the competition’s and generate even more income for you than theirs do for them? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, we just might be able to help you. You see, in order to achieve one or more of these, you need to have an edge. The following should help you do just that.

Change Your Design

Most industries seem to follow a web design template. For instance, most dentists’ websites tend to have pictures of people with white teeth smiling and showing off their teeth. Lawyers’ websites tend to be boring and dull.

These are just a few examples. Similar repetitive designs are widespread in all industries including the ecommerce industry. This is even more so considering that some business owners just use popular ecommerce platforms that provide template ecommerce stores that their clients can use.

Unfortunately, they do not do much for clientele and increased business. You see, when people visit and surf through websites, they will most often unconsciously take note of all similarities. This does not do much for your credibility as it will make them wonder why all the websites seem so familiar.

The point is that when they spot a different looking site, they perk up immediately and take notice. Think of it as a form of pattern interruption. We are not saying you should fill your website with a ton of bling and flashing ads. Rather, we are just saying that you need to tweak your design elements so that your site stands out from all the others in the same market.

Easy Payment Options

There are several ways to handle your payment options. You could either get your own merchant account, and start looking for the best place to put the payment button or make things incredibly easy for yourself and your clients by integrating easy and fast payment options from third-parties.

These payment solutions make it easy for clients and customers to make their purchases. Moreover, because they are already integrated into the ecommerce stores provided by the same service, you can be sure that they are completely optimized to increase conversions and make you more money.

Use Images to Your Advantage

Some ecommerce service and platform providers often provide ecommerce stores with poor user friendliness and with images that aren’t tightly arranged and grouped. This is wrong in many ways because the success of your ecommerce store primarily lies in your ability to present your products and inventory in a manner that appeals to your customers.

This is critical because they are not there physically to see what you have available. An excellent ecommerce store with killer high-resolution images or high definition videos can do a lot to help bring the experience of your products closer to home. Ecommerce stores with high image resolutions tend to be attractive, which can in turn, lead to increased or higher conversion rates.

Now that you know what to do to make your new ecommerce store stand out from the crowd, it is time to start applying them. If you have already chosen an ecommerce store provider and are having issues or aren’t sure of your ecommerce platform’s designs, try others like Fastspring. Their wide range of affordable ecommerce solutions are designed to get you the very best results.

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