Explode Your Social Media Sharing With Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

A lot of social sharing plugins are available in the WordPress repository. Few of them are good, but in my opinion, none of them actually comes close to Monarch – the recently launched social sharing plugin by Elegant Themes.

Monarch is one of the best social sharing plugins, I have seen for a long time. It’s also one of the smoothest and fastest plugin to load. You get five different places of displaying sharing buttons. You can choose sharing buttons of any of the major social media networks.


Monarch Placements & Settings

Monarch offers 5 placements for social sharing buttons – Sidebar, Inline, Popup, Flyin and on Media. The sidebar is pretty much common. It’s a floating share bar that floats as you scroll down. Inline displays sharing icons either before or after content or both. Popup shows sharing icons after a certain timeout or when a user tries to leave the page. You can also display sharing buttons on the images, urging visitors to share your images own social networking sites.


Sidebar is similar to floating share bar. You have the option of choosing how and where it appears. Take a look at the screenshot for it’s settings.



Popup appears right in the middle of the page. It can be triggered either after a certain interval or when the visitor tries to leave the page.



Inline sharing buttons can appear either before or after the content or both. Here again you can choose the style of the icons.



Flyin is similar to the official Facebook Recommendation Box which appears from the bottom of the page. Here again, you can choose the style of the icons. This can also be triggered after a certain interval or when the visitor is trying to leave the page.



You also have the option of showing social sharing buttons on the images urging users to share your images from the blog on different social networking sites.


So, make sure you check out Monarch. In the process, you can also check out some of themes that Elegant Themes has to offer. They are one of the best Premium WordPress Theme developers.

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