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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Famous On Instagram

So you want to be famous on Instagram like the glamorous people you follow every day. Getting more likes and growing that follower count isn’t magic, it actually takes a lot of hard work and planning. 

Trust us, your favorite Instagram star didn’t happen to blow up overnight. In reality, being Instagram famous is pretty much a study in stellar marketing and branding. 

This may come as a surprise, but those “candid” shots and perfect pictures come from careful planning and purposeful strategy. Luckily for you, there’s a way for you to replicate this success. 

Do you need some Instagram tips so you can achieve your dreams of social media fame? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Establish Your Niche

You have plenty of interests and talents. You may be a gamer girl at heart that loves to cook and go rock climbing but finding an audience that shares every one of your interests is going to be tricky. 

Everyone is free to use Instagram and other social platforms to create content related to their interests, but if you’re a little too all over the place it’s going to be hard to find and keep followers. 

If people start following you for workout tips they’re going to quickly lose interest when you start talking about makeup tutorials and how-tos on electronics repair. This is why it’s important to define your niche early on so you can get a clear idea of what kind of content to focus on and the right audience to attract. 

We’re not trying to say that every single post you make needs to be niche-related. In fact, plenty of successful influences pepper in posts about pets, family, other things. Their secret is that those posts don’t happen very often. But when they pop up, they resonate with their audience and build a parasocial relationship that keeps them coming back for more!

Consider Your Brand

You know what kind of niche you want to occupy. Have you given any thought to your brand? 

Let’s say you want to become a beauty influencer. It may seem like a pretty basic concept, but there are so many different directions you can take things in. 

Are you the wild one that loves to experiment with bold make-up styles and off-the-wall outfits? Do you want to be the cool, demure influencer that shows people what to wear to weddings and cocktail parties? 

Thinking about your brand is absolutely essential if you want to be a successful influencer. Your brand is going to affect everything you post, so be sure to think about it before you start on your quest to fame. 

Are you having trouble coming up with your brand? Research some of the top influencers in your niche and see what they’re posting. You could get some inspiration or discover a gap that needs to be filled. 

Create Your Aesthetic  

Take a quick look at some of your favorite influencer’s Instagram profiles. They may all have a different niche, but we guanratee that there’s one thing they all have in common: an easy to notice aesthetic. 

We’re going to draw a line between brand and aesthetic here. Your brand is pretty much everything that makes you yourself. Your brand is the pictures you post, the hashtags you use, and the words you write. Your aesthetic is 100% visual and comes down to what people see when they look at your posts and profile.

Some influencers may choose to post pictures that have a lot of bright colors that grab your attention as soon as you look at the page. Others may choose to have a minimalist aesthetic that focuses on cool tones and plays into one over-arching visual theme.  It’s up to you to choose the look you like the most! 

Regardless of what colors you choose, make sure it goes with your brand. Loud colors may not be best for calm, inspiration profiles. Muted cool tones might not be able to grab the attention of people into flashy makeup. 

Get Active 

You want to be an Instagram influencer, but how much do you actually “influence” the platform? Checking in on some of your favorite profiles isn’t enough to stay active and engaged. If you want to be an influencer it’s time to level up your time on the platform. 

Follow some popular accounts and be sure to like and comment on posts that you see. Don’t make the mistake of asking for likes or follows on your own account. That’s a quick way to get blocked and make yourself look like a spammer. 

If you post enough witty and helpful comments, people are going to naturally start to flock to your profile. Just focus on being genuine and interacting with content you enjoy. 

Don’t Follow Everyone 

We know we just talked about the importance of being active on the platform. While staying engaged and up to date on the latest news and profiles can be helpful, there are good types of engagement and other kinds that are less than helpful.

One of the most common strategies to get instagram likes people mention is to follow back whoever follows your profile. This is a mistake that can cost people a lot of followers when they’re trying to build their fan base. 

An account that literally follows everyone that gives them a like, share, or follow doesn’t look like an account that cares about content. It gives off the impression that the account owner just wants to get likes. In some extreme cases, people may even think that you’re a bot. 

It’s okay to follow accounts you like and others that are relevant to your brand. However, you can avoid feeling the need to every single account you come across. 

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags still matter in social media, and that’s especially true for people that want to become Instagram famous. You can run an entire search based on a single hashtag, so you’re going to want to make sure you’re using the best and most popular options. 

Only use hashtags that are relevant to your niche. Hopping on trending and unrelated hashtags may seem like a good plan for exposure, but that’s only giving you exposure to people that aren’t interested in what you’re posting about. Going for relevancy doesn’t just get you in front of people, you’re also exposed to more relevant people. 

There are plenty of free tools you can use to see which hashtags are trending, but you can easily gaugue what’s popular by just searching for things on Instagram. See what comes up when you use certain keywords related to your niche. 

Remember Your Call to Action 

What do you want followers to do when they view your content? Simply enjoying what they’re seeing is nice, but if you want to be famous, you’re going to need to give them a bit of direction. 

Some people want their followers to click the link in their profile to buy products they’re advertising. Others want people to comment and tag other people. A few are perfectly fine with a simple like and share.

Regardless of what you want your followers to do, make sure you’re clear about it. Including a simple call to action (also known as a CTA) to “like and share” or “click the link for more deals” can get you better results. 

Post Often

You’re far from the only person trying to use Instagram as a platform for fame. There are countless influencers that are competing for attention from your target audience. If you want to make a name for yourself, you need to have a consistent posting schedule. 

Some people want to post once a day. Others will do it multiple times a day. Find a cadence that allows you to stay active and to also post high quality content. Posts that aren’t edited well or look sloppy won’t reflect well on your brand (unless that happens to be your brand). 

Cross Promote 

Sometimes the best way to get noticed is the be your best cheerleader. You’re doing plenty of work on Instagram, but other websites and platforms can help you grow your following. 

Don’t be afraid to casually mention your page on Twitter, Discord, Reddit, or other popular places. Remember, the key to self promotion is to do it in relevant places when it makes the most sense to. 

Mentioning that you have an Instagram that’s devoted to classic gaming equipment makes sense on subreddit about game systems from the 90’s. It won’t make much sense in a general tech forum or on someone’s tweet about a recent election. 

Get Famous on Instagram the Right Way 

If you want to be famous on Instagram, you need to be willing to put in the effort. By following the steps in the post, you’re setting yourself up for success with a great start! 

There’s still a ton of topics to cover if you’re serious about being Insta-famous. Do you want to learn more about paid promotion? Have you thought about sponsors to work with? Are you interested in learning a little Photoshop?

We have a lot of content that future famous Insta-celebs need to see. Be sure to browse our posts so you can make your claim to fame. 

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