Simple Cardinal Rules of Blogging That You Need To Follow

The internet allows for much room for everyone to voice out their thoughts and look for what they need with practically no limits. However, you do need to follow some rules of blogging while start-your-own-blogexpressing your thoughts. Today, blogging is one of the most common and most preferred methods that people use to share their thoughts.

Some succeed greatly at it, while some don’t. When you really think about it, there is more to blogging than just putting sentences together. There are several things that you need to remember when making your own blog:

Don’t let simple grammar or spelling errors get by

As a blogger, you need to remember that what you write reflects who you are, it reflects the way you think, the way you arrange your ideas and the way you write. Before hitting that publish button, make sure that you have read through your work at least twice until you are confident about it.

Put yourself in your readers’ position, what would you think a blog entry is credible if you can spot errors all the time? Would you even be interested to keep reading?

Don’t write with such complicated words

Unless you are writing for a government blog or an educational blog, it really is not a good idea to write in such complicated words. Keep it as simple as you possibly can and make it easy for your readers. You may be thinking that writing in such way makes you sound articulate, but in fact, what you are really doing is driving readers away because your style is too heavy. There is such a thing as a Grandma test. So ask yourself after you’ve written everything, “Will my grandma be able to understand this if I made her read it?”

Don’t copy someone else’s work

This is a cardinal sin for writers and of course, you know you would be extremely hurt if you found out that someone just copied what you wrote by word and passed it off as their own. Moreover, Google can now detect duplicates, so your work can be rejected if it has been found to be an exact copy of an already existing blog.

If you must borrow someone’s words, at least quote them and mention their names as a sign of respect.

Do keep updating your blogs

If you want more people to visit your site and read your work, you need to make sure that you have updated information. Refresh your site with at least two blogs a week to get it started, just so it remains active. You cannot expect your readership to grow in number if you have nothing for them to read in the first place.

Do make sure that your website as a whole is designed neatly

Sometimes it is better to keep something simple so make sure not to over decorate your website with too many flash images. You wouldn’t want your readers to be distracted from what they really are supposed to be looking at. Remember, sometimes LESS IS MORE (plus it doesn’t give off the idea of desperation!).

Do keep your articles brief

Before writing the article itself, try jotting down your ideas first. If you feel like it’s probably too much information to put in one article, it probably is! What you can do is break it down to several blog posts instead. Follow a limit of up to 500 words. Extremely long articles can be off-putting to certain readers. In the same sense, don’t write articles that are too short either!

Blogging allows for much opportunity, but one can easily fail in it as much as one can succeed. Try the aforementioned tips when you decide to create your own blog. Good luck!

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