Relevant WordPress Trends In 2018

We have had WordPress for fifteen years now, and 2018 is showing us some go to trends this year that we feel will keep the momentum moving into 2019.

Paying attention to trends is important as there is a multitude of features and ever-changing tools, whereby finding that starting point can be a little difficult for some. Deciding on the kind of theme and style to take on can help you figure out what works and what doesn’t, and save valuable time for your clients during the process.

Look to adopt a simplistic, contemporary approach to your web design, to create a unique website to represent your client’s business and play a new role in their market.

As the world is going toward digital WordPress and the innovations driving it, WordPress is becoming more significant with every day. For many bloggers, it’s the first port of call. WordPress due to its rich content and presentation puts it at the forefront for designers.

Here is a list of WordPress trends in 2018 that look to be here to stay leading into 2019.

Multi-Purpose Themes

A multi-purpose theme gives scope to a user to use any type or any style of a website inclusive of all the features that are necessary for a site or a business.

Multi-purpose themes main strengths are covering a wide range of website types, the driving force behind being a significant factor in popularity for both users and developers and being modern and customisable with a premium plug-in bundle offering the best of everything.

Multi-purpose themes stand out by providing useful functionality for a wide variety of sites. A rise in organisations now considering WordPress as their primary business component has seen a significant surge in popularity for multi-purpose trends so far in 2018. 

VR Optimised WordPress Themes

It is becoming more apparent day-by-day that we live in a world of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is bringing the future closer to our imagination.

The technology is not just limited to gaming as some people still believe, but it is now touching every industry out there today. The technology allows you to enjoy the 3D effect in your home. Plus the introduction of VR headsets like Gear VR and Facebook’s Oculus Rift has resulted in people gaining more interest in Virtual Reality technology.

With rising popularity, coupled with the latest statistics and projections, we are looking forward to trends leading into 2019 to have VR heavily involved.

Module-Based Themes

Module-Based Themes integrate each knowledge domain into several modules that are relevant to businesses organisational leadership.

The result is a right blend of advanced functions.  Among other unique features, it prevents bloated pages and makes for an inspired design experience when it uses drag-and-drop features.

It will come with an all-in-one solution of over seventy different module variations, meaning there is every chance it will be up there with the most used themes in WordPress trends throughout 2018. 

Video Headers

It is the simplest way to add a video background to any element on your website, even though video headers and backgrounds are not new, they have yet to take off on WordPress websites.

Each year, a new default theme is introduced that becomes available for all WordPress users, this year includes some of the dominant theme options and custom elements that are making it more engaging.

Video Headers are the start cycle of a new trend, and WordPress video headers are fast becoming a premium choice on a global scale.

Mobile-First WordPress Themes Rising

We all have an idea that with time, people have become choosier. The tech world is fast moving, more and more people overlook a desktop for a mobile phone, and now mobile users have superseded desktop users with the gap widening.  With WordPress, the entire focus is moving towards the improvisation and enhancement of the mobile user’s experience, breathing new energy in design trends, so it is critical that designers keep up with new trends and look to make them stick heading into next year.

Now the number of people using smartphones on a global scale is in the billions; therefore, it’s fair to say this would see mobile-friendly WordPress themes leading the way into 2019.


Infographics are a data visualisation tool that helps you create infographics and interactive charts and maps. Marketing teams, bloggers, students and newsrooms all over the world use the technology. Infographics are about making the perception of information less demanding and more apparent.


It can be the little things that turn a good digital product into a global one.

Microinteractions UX designs help users understand the process they are about to participate in, being small bits of communication that help users navigate through the interface performing essential functions such as:

  • Communicating a status or feedback
  • Revealing particular actions results
  • Helping with manipulation

As technologies continue to develop, designers can provide more useful visual feedback.  Not only do they improve functionality, but they also make the site more engaging.


WordPress is fast becoming the system of choice for designers, with its easy to use features resulting in the final product proving to be optimised, friendly, and fast for all visitors and buyers. WordPress design trends are gaining notoriety with 2018’s upgraded features and are currently the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) for your site.

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James Row is a passionate blogger and professional software developer who started his career in WordPress web development has a love for informative writing, and looks to keep you up to date with the latest information about the industry.


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