Powerful Content

Case Study: MedTruth – Tips On How to Grow Your Blog By Creating Powerful Content

Powerful Content

You have to pay a lot of attention to your content marketing if it is going to be successful. You need to know what the latest trends are, what strategies your competitors are using and what ideas are original and will drive your engagement. Then, you need to post regularly to build your audience and gain traction for your content.

MedTruth understands this, and they have worked to build a very powerful blog using tried and true strategies that you can also implement in your work. Here are some you can start to use immediately.

Break up Large Posts into Smaller Posts

Powerful Content

You might have found yourself not being able to come up with new content sometimes. A simple trick that helps you to keep your content fresh is to break up larger posts into smaller ones without making it all feel watered down. This is especially effective if you’re one of those people who tend to write especially long posts. You can take the subtopics and spin individual posts from them to give your blog a fresh new twist.

Newsjacking Helps

Powerful Content

Newsjacking has become so common as a term recently that it has grown into a buzzword in the content marketing sphere. You can use it to your advantage no matter what kind of blog you’re running. Newsjacking works in a very simple manner. You find some trending topics that are relevant to the type of stuff you write about in your blog, and then repackage it to serve it up to your readers. Most of the effort is expended in the process of finding the ideal piece of news that fits in well with your niche. You will also need to be more than a little creative with how you spin the story for your readers. However, once you’ve got the strategy on lock, it can do wonders for your blog.

Consider Outsourcing

Powerful Content

You can get more original content on your blog easily by not trying to do everything yourself. You can ask some people you know, whether as a favor or professionally to write some guest content for your blog. That way, you have many fresh perspectives and writing styles on your blog, ensuring your readers never get bored with your content. You will also be able to get writers with different kinds of expertise to write about the more technical subjects on your blog and, in the process, make it a little more authoritative.

Share Your Content Widely

Powerful Content

Don’t be afraid to share your content as widely as you can. If you see anything that is cool and relevant to your niche out there, you can post it on your blog or social media for your readers to see. You can also share what you produce widely and ask your readers to do it as well. It will boost your site. Your readers will love the fact that your site and social media feeds are always fresh, and they will most likely be willing to share it with their friends and family.

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