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Set Up Your New WordPress Blog For Free

New WordPress Blog or Blogger Migration

The services that I currently offer is setting up new WordPress Blogs. If you want to create your first WordPress blog or migrate your Blogger blog to WordPress, then it can be a tricky task. This is where I come in.

LionBlogger is currently hosted on Web Hosting Hub, which is one of the best web hosts for a WordPress and it literally has 100% uptime. I recently, wrote a review on Web Hosting Hub.

Now, onto the main point on how I’m going to do this.

First of all you need to buy hosting using my affiliate link.

I recently contacted Web Hosting Hub about whether there were any discount coupons for those who would be buying from my affiliate link. They managed to give me a discount. When you buy using my affiliate link these are the prices that are you going to get :

$3.99/month for 3 years
$4.99/month for 2 years
$5.99/month for 1 year

lionblogger services

So, if you buy even 1 year of hosting that costs you only $72 and you get a free domain for the first year.


Once, you have bought your hosting, you need to forward me the login information.

Then, I will install WordPress on your hosting server and set you up with all the plugins that you need for a standard WordPress blog. The type of plugins that I’m going to install are

  • Security Plugin for protection of your blog from different types of attack
  • Cache Plugin for caching your data which speeds up your blog
  • Spam Plugin for to check the no. of spam comments that you get
  • Social sharing plugins for sharing your content on social media

There are also some essential plugins that I will install as well for making your blog more user friendly.

There is one more surprise for the customers who buy hosting from my affiliate link. I will be giving them the famous Genesis Framework + 3 Genesis Child Themes for free (worth about $120).

So, when you think about it, it only costs you a little bit of money when you consider the Genesis Framework and the Child Themes giveaway. And you’re getting them for free.

Calculating everything, not only you get a highly secured and beautiful looking WordPress blog , you also get $48 back in terms of worth.

Once I have set up your WordPress blog, with all the necessary plugins, I will forward back to you all the details about the WordPress login.

If you have some questions for me, send me an e-mail at sethlahaul[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in.


Once you have bought the hosting, e-mail me the login information and I will take care of the rest. You can also use the form below to contact me.
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