Key indications retail apps to dominate the SMBs trends

Key Indications Retail Apps To Dominate The SMBs Trends

Smartphones are the Swiss army knives in the modern tech world. They too are a multipurpose tool. You can do a lot of things with your smartphone. The capability and power of these devices make people stick to them day in and day out. Even, people keep their phones nearby their pillow when they sleep.

Doubtlessly, smartphones are changing the way we use and behave towards the computing technology. We just don’t need a special event to use this computing technology. Unlike desktops and laptops, which require duct tape and bubble gum, such as external internet connection, input devices like keyboard, mouse, and camera, smartphones are a complete device in themselves. When using a smartphone, we just don’t need to find a place and sit there to use it. We can use our smartphones while traveling, walking, running, and even lying down in the bed.

Also, we do not need to spend hundreds of dollar in purchasing software. Most of the smartphone apps come for a dollar or two. They are light and can be carried in pocket. We can hold and use them even when we are traveling in a subway and aren’t lucky enough get a seat.

Smartphones are truly convenient, portable and mobile form of a computer.

This is why we all are using smartphones. In fact, we have developed great dependency on these small hand held computers for browsing, buying and making online payments.

Smartphones have also changed the way people do online shopping. People are buying more stuff on their smartphones then on their PCS and laptops. And many retailers also know that. And those who have been ignoring the trend are, in fact, losing a lot. Most traffic to the web now comes from mobile platform. So this is just the right time when retailers should move to mobility or they will soon see a fade out.

But on the other hand, merely going with the mobility trend and getting a shopping app isn’t going to work. It’s because we already have nearly 5 million apps on both of the leading mobile app stores. They are nearly overflowing. Now there is no scope to succeed with an ABC application. Unless a retailing app is developed to deliver superior shopping app, it will not succeed.

So, if the mobility has inspired you, make sure you choose the best way possible to get your app devised. Also make sure know the latest trends in the mobility, such as

More and more customers focusing more on apps for online shopping

You must know what customers want to see in and do with your app. You should carefully listen to your customers to know whether an app offered by you lives up to their expectations or not. Customers now generally prefer shopping apps to buy stuff online. Studies have established that customers do not like any app coming in their way. Apps delivering convenience, speed, customizability, and smoothness are preferred by most of the users.

These traits make an all-inclusive user experience and customers generally look for them in every app they use, including in an app they use for shopping. These traits can also be spotted in all the successful shopping apps.

Using mobile app for shopping give customers with richer user experience

As it’s going on, customers now prefer mobile devices over websites when it comes to sopping online. Apps deliver more convenient and personalized shopping experience than a website. Apps for mobile devices can offer such unique features that apps for desktop cannot. Actually, there is no medium to replicate the level of interactivity, engagement and uniqueness as delivered by mobile apps.

But not all smartphone apps do carry these traits. Apps failing for these traits do hardly get a second chance. A research shows that only 79% of users would not give another try to an app if it fails at their expectation.

This is why customer experience should be the primary consideration in mobile app development. And I have mentioned it already that better customers experience can only be created when the app is based on native mobile app development technologies.

Mobile apps are the best performing channel in Ecommerce

Retail apps are dominating SMBs trends this year and ahead as they have already become as the best performing channel in the global retail industry.  They are worth winning the loyalty of customers which, of course, contribute to do better conversion in comparison of a website. A Criteo’s research shows that mobile apps can retain two times more customers. With a shopping app, users are twice as likely to return in the period of 1 month.  Also, apps deliver double the conversion in the comparison of a mobile website and one hand half times more conversion in the comparison of a desktop website.

 Native mobile app development will turn out to be more affordable

Native mobile app development technology is becoming cheaper day after day. This makes apps more affordable, particularly for SMBs. Retailers too can take advantages of native mobile app technology and come up with more features rich applications providing engaging user experience.

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