How Your Authentic Blogging Mojo Can Help Your Blog Evolve

authentic blogging Is your blog wonderfully fresh and unique? Is it filled with remarkable insights? Have you and other contributors carved out your own distinct, authentic voice? Does it have a huge, loyal following, that couldn’t possibly be any better? Well if that’s the case don’t bother reading this post. Go on, make yourself that cup of coffee or grab yourself a beer, and walk away from this now.

Ah you’re still here, great, so let’s talk about your authentic blogging mojo and what it can do for your blog.  Your authentic blogging mojo is when you have had an idea to blog, which is totally in tune with who you really are (not who you may wish to present to others) and this has you buzzing. Assuming you have a respectable command of the language in which you write, then when you have taken the journey with this idea and it is now looking pretty on your blog, it should be a piece that a percentage of society will really get.

Forget About Trying To Please All The People All Of The Time

Remember you can’t please all the people all the time, so it is far better to please some of the people some of the time. One of the biggest blocks which holds some bloggers back from finding, and keeping, their authentic blogging mojo, is the wish to please all the people all of the time. There are also heaps of great bloggers who never fell into this trap, or realized quickly that it wasn’t going to help either them or their blog.

As a blogger, whether you are blogging personally or for a business, finding your authentic blogging mojo is what will make you as creative as you can be. This is simply because you no longer need to force anything, as you will be saying what you are meant to say. Blog visitors will resonate with your words, of course not everyone will, but the people who are alive in this world and are in tune with your angle, definitely will.

Over time will you will build a loyal following. With patience and consistent authentic blogging, your following will grow – as will your mentions on social media. These are the main central ingredients to running a successful blog. Of course throwing in a bit of SEO (search engine optimization), some guest blogs and building your social media presence will also help.

The Most Successful Bloggers Have Found, And Kept, Their Authentic Blogging Mojo

Think about the bloggers who are most successful; they write with personality mixed in with expertise, creativity, passion and sometimes humor. You may never expect to meet your favorite blogger in person, but you do feel that you know them pretty well.

For those of you who contribute to business blogs, the same applies – getting your authentic blogging mojo is what can do wonders for the blog. Some of you may worry that you need to be professional, but don’t forget that you can still be professional whilst blogging in your own authentic voice. We are all made up of different parts, and the authentic part of yourself that you show to your grandparents is probably not the same authentic self that comes out on a night out with friends. In business blogging, readers can feel someone’s expertise, when they blog in their own authentic voice. In fact as it tends to be more fluent, it can make the blogger more authoriative, than if he was trying to blog in a corporate tone.

I haven’t met anyone yet who enjoys boredom, so blogs that lack substance and personality are unlikely to excite readers and get them coming back for more. Even if there is some great information there, wouldn’t it be better if the blogger had gone out on a limb to make the material really sparkle?

Be Truthful, You Really Want People To Love Your Blog, Don’t You?

How social media is being used in authentic bloggingIf you get paid to blog for business, wouldn’t it be more fun if your blogs were creating a bit of a buzz because some people really loved them? If it’s your own personal blog, unless it is purely for making money, it should be really close to your heart. So put away any self doubt you may have and admit, at least to yourself, that you really want people to love your blog.

Well some people will love your blog once you get your authentic blogging mojo. What is it you really want to communicate to people? Get it across in your own unique way – just think of the Frank Sinatra song, My Way, if you feel tempted to play it safe!

Don’t you want to get your followers to the stage when they experiencethe ineffable and magic switch that gets flipped when we are touched by something on an emotional level?

Then it’s time to find and keep your authentic blogging mojo!

The author, Jacqueline de Burca, finds that each times she blogs authentically she discovers another tiny part of herself. She has interviewed many great bloggers, and is interested in connecting with more bloggers for interviews for her book. If you would like to see interview excerpts just click on authentic blogging and choose according to various niches.

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