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How To Grow Your Social Media Impact With Video Content

The importance of videos for social media is not something unheard of. The facts that a massive 85% of businesses now use video marketing as a tool, and that YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, give us a fair idea of how useful and popular they have become. Everyone from huge global brands to local small businesses competes for your attention through a wide mix of video content on every social media platform. These businesses further compete or collaborate with social media influencers to get their pitch across to us.

With videos taking up such a huge market space and impacting so many careers in more ways than one, it is natural that the urge to use videos to increase one’s social media impact becomes strong. We are here with a few tips for you to use and multiply your social media impact.

Have a Strategy

This is true for everything one does in life, and video making is no exception. A well-thought-out strategy is at the heart of any effective marketing effort, which is why we usually advise marketers to start by considering their whole strategy. Have clarity about what you wish to achieve with your video, and how you’re going to get there. The better your strategy, the better will be the results.

Grab Attention

When you’re planning your video strategy, you must also focus on how you are going to get your audience’s attention. Research shows that about 33% of the viewers don’t watch videos beyond 30 seconds, and 45% of them leave after one minute. Social media moves at a breakneck speed, and you must be quick to attract attention if you want to have an impact.

Have a Clear and Concise Message

Video makers can easily get overwhelmed by the immense number of possibilities. While videos have great potential, we must also be aware of where we can falter. It’s critical to have a clear, straightforward, and easy-to-understand main message when creating results-driven branded content. Don’t make things too complicated — make sure your videos deliver your tale as swiftly and simply as possible.

Don’t Forget the Audio and Subtitles

While the visual part is most important, the significance of the audio cannot be overlooked either. Make sure the audio you use goes well with the visuals and is also good to listen to. You can add music to videos online with the help of various video editing tools. For social media purposes, you can use the trending audios as they increase your reach further. Subtitles are another overlooked part of video making. As bad as it may sound right after the audio part, the truth is that a lot of videos on social media are watched with the sound off. This fact alone is enough to establish the importance of subtitles in a video produced for social media.

Read on to understand how to strategize for various platforms and make videos that cater to all types of audiences, while also ensuring that the video maker can create the most impact.

Use YouTube for Details

The reason to begin with YouTube is simple. As a video maker, it allows you to share a longer form of content with varying options. The types of videos you can use this platform for are – how-to videos, product videos, behind-the-scenes, testimonials, etc. These will provide your channel the capability to influence the customer’s decision. Consider YouTube to be a repository of comprehensive information for your customers.

Video creators also need to understand their customer base and the influence that a certain platform has, and should remember that YouTube is most popular with Gen Z. On YouTube, even if you cannot manage to maintain the perfect production quality, your videos can still be valuable. Think of it as  building trust and credibility, not about trends and hits.

For a small business, TikTok is a great way to look for and stay ahead of trends. You can use the platform to display your products and services, or even just your business idea. When you are developing content for TikTok, make sure the trends you follow are symbolic of your brand or help you show things that you can offer. Don’t follow a hot trend just because it’s fashionable. This could make people think that you just want to get more hits without really caring about relevance, and cast an unfavorable light on your company.

TikTok allows video makers to have a casual approach with their content, rather than being just another sales pitch. One also needs to remember that the platform only allows videos no longer than 60 seconds. Keep this in mind while planning, producing, and editing your videos.

Influence with Instagram

Instagram might have started as a photo-sharing platform, but has grown significantly into the video sharing and viewing domain. An average user spends half their time on the app watching videos.

There are multiple reasons why Instagram is so good for videos. For short and easy video clips, you can use stories that give you a 15-second time window. They can also be used to promote the videos that you’ve uploaded to your feed. Reels allow you a bit more time to showcase your content with a 60-second limit. This is by far the most popular type of video content that is consumed on the gram.

If you want to go for long-form content, IGTV is the thing you need. Everything above 60 seconds is moved to IGTV automatically by the app. Here you can upload Q&As, behind-the-scenes, product videos, etc. Instagram provides video makers varied opportunities and does not limit them to one type of content.


Social media video campaigns have immense potential, and their impact can take brands to great heights. They help brands reach more audiences than any other medium, connect with them, and also ensure that a certain amount of trust is built amongst the viewers. However, it is only the most interesting and engaging content that succeeds in getting across to the audience from the ocean of content available online.

We hope that the tips that we’ve given to you in this blog help you create better and more far-reaching videos, and increase your impact on social media.

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