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Use Google Plus Ripples To Track Your Google +1s

Ever wondered if you could see who shares your Google Plus updates or how far it reaches. You can see who +1s your post very easily below the post but you don’t know how far your Google Plus google plus ripplesposts are shared or how far your updates are actually spread if you are not tagged. Well, Google’s very own Google Plus Ripples has the solution for you.

Google really has come up with the ideal name for this product. Google Plus Ripples basically tracks your post in your inner circles as well as outer circles. It gives you a diagrammatic view of how your Google Plus update has been shared. The only disadvantage about using Google Plus Ripples is you can only see the public shares. You won’t be able to see the updates that have shared privately or within some communities.

How to use Google Plus Ripples ?

Google Plus Ripples is very simple to use. All you have to do is go to Google+ Ripples and paste the link of the post or article in the url space and the ripple of that update will be shown to you.

You get to see who shared the post, who re-shared from your link and how many people it has reached. By reached, I mean you won’t be able to see who saw your post or who clicked your link, only those who shared. Still, if someone loves your post and shares it that equally means that the post has reached him/her.


Another great feature of using the Google Plus Ripples is you can observe the spread of a particular post. There is a scroll below the diagram. When you  move the scroll bar from left to right you can actually see how your update got shared around.

Why you should use Google Plus Ripples ?

Now that you know how to use Google Plus Ripples, let’s move on to why you should use this. Blogging requires studying audience and you need tools to study the audience that you have. Google Plus Ripples is as good as you get. Not only you get to see who shared your updates but you also get to see how your posts or updates got shared over a specific span of time.

Targeting key audience is the key to success in blogging and selling your own products or being a successful affiliate marketer and this is where Google Plus Ripples can really help.

Over to You. What do you think about Google Plus Ripples ? Share your views with us by dropping off a comment.

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