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Giveaway : 3 Premium WordPress Themes from ReadyThemes

Been some time since I last wrote on Lion Blogger. Anyway, we’re back with a giveaway from ReadyThemes. You can win 1 of 3 premium WordPress themes from ReadyThemes.

Their themes are great especially if you want to run a review site. One of their themes – Simple Reviews is great. You can integrate with Amazon without any plugin.

simple reviews

Another great looking theme by ReadyThemes is Affiliate Review Theme which is great if you are running a site that does reviews on different affiliate products.

affiliate review

ReadyThemes provide ready-made themes for serious affiliate marketers and other marketers interested in earning money online. Unlike the standard themes on the market, their themes have been researched and tested for maximum clickthrough rate and usability for those seeking to build review sites, Adsense sites and other money-making sites.

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