Free Backup Software from EaseUS

EaseUS has recently launched a free backup software. It’s also a pretty good alternative for the Norton Ghost. It was also recently added to CNET and it has loads of features. The software has become very popular in a matter of days.


Disk and Partition Image

You can backup the entire disk including partitions in your disk. You can keep backup of the entire filesystem and installed applications without interrupting your work.


Even if you don’t want to backup the entire drive or partition or file system, you can also use it to keep backup of only the most important files and folders.

Incremental Backup

The advantages of incremental backup is that it takes lesser time than normal backup and also takes up less storage space. Incremental backup usually means backing up only those files which have experienced some kind of modification. It is recommended it you want to save disk space.

free backup software

Even with all the advantages, it will take more time to restore files because it will first have to restore the original master backup and then implement the incremental restore. It’s exactly the opposite of how the backup is taken.

File and Folder Backup

Like most other backup softwares, it also lets you take backup of your important files and folders. It is compatible with normal word files, all kinds of images and different types of files which are important to you.

free backup software

You can also keep backups of your application files and e-mails as well.

Backup Schedule

Probably, the most important feature which all customers prefer is the ability to schedule backup. You can schedule your back anytime you want and set any time you want.

The backup will run automatically at your predefined time. The interval can be set between daily and weekly according to your choice. It’s up to you to decide.

So, make sure you check out the free backup software as it’s one of the best.

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