Facebook news feed

Facebook Gives Users More Control Of News Feed

With the latest Facebook update, it has given users more control of their news feed. You can now block specific updates, from your friend list or your likes.

Facebook has been plagued by spam for years especially in the groups. The group moderators are not always available to monitor spam. As a result, the spam updates also appear in the user’s News Feed.

Facebook news feed

Facebook has added a new Settings Menu, which shows you the friends you follow and the ones you don’t. It has always been a high priority for Facebook to show content in the News Feed which interests each individual users.

The algorithm which runs in the backend is known as the Edge Rank algorithm. It’s the determining factor that decides which update will be shown to the users. It takes into account a lot of factors similar to how Google Search Algorithms work. A while back, an update in the Edge Rank Algorithm caused a lot of havoc in the marketing world. A lot pages lost their user reach. Moreover, Facebook announced that users will now have to pay to get more reach with their updates. The step angered a lot of marketing agencies.


Another issue that has plagued Facebook for years is click bait. In the recent months, Facebook has been has very determined to reduce the no. of click bait posts which encourages clicks. Earlier, the Facebook Edge Rank Algorithm was designed to show updates to the users that generated the most no. of clicks. However, it has been recently found, some users tool advantage of this system. It has also been found that the updates which generates the most clicks are not always the most interesting.

That’s why Facebook is now giving more control to the users so that they can chose for themselves what to see and what not to see.

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