Can You Dropship At Scale ?

Dropshipping has a reputation of being one of the most effective ways to make money using just a laptop, good organizational skills, and a salesperson’s intuition. It’s a favorite with SEO and digital marketing experts because it allows you to make money simply by being more visible than other businesses. If you’re looking to make extra money and have brilliant digital marketing skills, you should definitely consider dropshipping at scale, which is achieved by selling to businesses (B2B selling).

Dropshipping Basics

Dropshipping is the act of selling a product that you never carry in your inventory. You make the sale, take some profit, and then arrange the product to be shipped from the supplier directly to the customer. When you do this at scale in B2B quantities, a 5% profit margin can quickly make you a tasty sum. 

The Core Theory 

The core theory behind dropshipping success is that you find a niche where good suppliers are difficult to find. You do the research, build a relationship with suppliers, and then offer the products to customers in a highly visible fashion – like a well-marketed online shop. If you’re producing products to sell to businesses, you face risks that come from a limited selection, supply-chain issues, and raw material volatility. By simply selling products that are pre-made and arranging the delivery yourself, you insulate yourself from all these risks if you only sell products you know are available. 

What You Need

You need a good marketing brain, but assuming you are an avid reader of SEO blogs, here is a checklist to get you started:

  • An online shop with web-hosting, servers with good uptime, etc. Nowadays, you don’t need any coding skills at all to build a successful eCommerce store; you just need to find a list of potential solutions and decide which one is best for you. Try not to limit yourself too much budget-wise, as this will be one of your main costs. 

  • A trusted logistics partner you can use for pallet shipping to send your pallet from the manufacturer to the customer. It will be very important to pick somebody you can trust, as they will be absolutely essential in building your business and protecting future business by preventing the manufacturer and your client from getting in contact with each other and locking you out. 

  • About two solid weeks to research. Anybody can research, and it’s important you create a very comprehensive list of suppliers. Make sure you phone all of them, assemble your offerings, and make pricing crystal clear. Make sure you ask for scale pricing so you can make a price scale of your own. This is possibly the most important step as the fact that you have a deep awareness of the industry will be why you add value. 

Your B2B clients will likely find you because the profit you make from the order will be worth it to them if you save them time and effort. It is important to view yourself as both a seller and a service provider, as it is the user experience that will keep people coming back to you for more.

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