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SEO Backlink Checker & Monitoring Tool

Getting quality backlinks is the utmost desire of every newbie website. If you want to rank your pages on the highest SERPs, you need to connect with the best backlinks. Backlinks are the directory signals which can divert the flow of traffic from one website to yours. 

There are tons of different ways using which you can create quality backlinks. The most crucial thing is to check whether the links you have found are relevant to the niche you are working on. 

Furthermore, you have to constantly check the backlink with which you are connecting. This would give you an idea of the improvement that the link is bringing to your site!

To check backlinks, you need the best backlink monitoring tools. In this traction, we have shortlisted the most extravagant backlink checkers found on the web.

The best backlink checker and monitoring tools!

Out of hundreds and thousands of backlink checker tools, we have shortlisted the easiest to use and reliable ones for our readers!

Backlink Checker by Search Engine Reports

This backlink checker is one out of hundreds of free services offered by this utility website. This backlink checker by Search Engine Reports is free and extremely easy to use. You can utilize it on any device you want as it is compatible with all sorts of devices and operating systems. This is an extremely competitive service, and you can get tons of details about backlinks with it. You have to enter the domain address in the designated URL box, and from there, you can click the ‘check backlinks’ button. The tool would get you information about the links present on the site that you have mentioned in the input box and the quality of those backlinks. 

You can get results for both inbound and outbound links with this backlink checker tool.

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Majestic SEO

This platform offers a huge variety of tools to help them get important information about backlinks. This seo website can help you generate new backlinks, and you can also check their quality and authority. This is a free backlink relevant service which we would suggest you try out. There are a few limitations in the free package of the tool. You have to connect with the paid packages of majestic seo.


This is the most popular website for finding and checking backlinks. If you want to make a complete analysis of backlinks, then you need to try out Ahref. After inputting the domain address in the designated box of the tool, you would find information that includes the:

  • The number of backlinks on the website.
  • The authority scores of those particular links.
  • The anchor text is used with these links.
  • The amount of traffic they are bringing to the website.

If you are interested in getting deep analysis and reports about backlinks, you need to sign up for the paid account. You can also analyze the website of your competitor and can compare your metrics with them.

Open site explorer

The open site explorer is another service that is considered to be worthy for the webmasters. Open site explorer is best for backlink analysis. This is why we recommend you try it to monitor your links. This backlink checker service can provide you tons of details, including the number of links on the page, the newest links on the page, the authority of the links, the total page authority, the domain authority, and the spam score. All of these results can be retrieved if you are using the free package of the tool. If you get along with the paid package, then you can easily run unlimited reports.

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The Google Search Console

This tool, as the name tells us, is a part of the Google suite. This is one of the giants in this league as it helps webmasters check out the links pointing to their sites and the ones mentioned on their sites. You will get information about the total search traffic coming through the pointing links and the impact they are having on your DA score. This backlink checking feature is very much authentic and easy to use.

Backlink Watch

This watch is specially designed to spy on the websites of your competition. This backlink checker tool would help you get information like the total number of links, the page rank, and traffic on the site. This backlink checker is free and can be used whenever you want. It is a browser-based tool, so you can monitor links on any device you want. 

Rank signals

This is another free backlink checker tool that can be used without any limitations. The tool provides plenty of information about backlinks, which would help you optimize your content. If you want to enjoy this tool’s fill features, you need to register your account with this website.

Using either of these above-listed tools, you can easily check backlinks. You can monitor the progress and authority of your site.

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