Anna University – One Of The Best Places To Study Engineering

The demand of Engineering studies has gone up a lot in the last few years. Almost all the universities and colleges in India are now offering different kinds of  engineering courses. Anna University is one of the few universities in India that offers 90+ engineering courses.

Other than the popular courses like Electronics, Computer Science and IT, it provides a lot of other courses. Because of the boom of IT industry most students go for Computer Science and Information Technology. However, studying engineering shouldn’t be limited to only these studies.

One of the viable alternatives could be Civil Engineering. India is a developing country. The whole country has a lot of construction projects. Development projects are there in every corner of the country. Students can also study Architecture. It’s currently in good demand. Anna University has 3 different types of Architecture courses – Digital Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design.


Another viable alternative is automobile engineering.India has a huge middle class population. Most of the upper middle class families are financially stable enough to buy a car. Therefore, cheap cars are needed that best suits the India middle class. If you think, you can engineer the next generation of cheap of automobiles, take up Automobile Engineering.

Another viable alternative is Material Science and Engineering. It has a lot of potential and room for development. India faces an acute problem of garbage disposal and decomposition. That’s why the country needs students who are willing to work towards it’s development.


India is in a transitional period. It’s going through some rapid changes – whether good or bad, that only time will tell. A lot of new opportunities are opening up. With new opportunities, comes new job opportunities especially for engineering graduates.

For engineering, Anna University Ranking is one of the best. You can also find more information on it on

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