9 Ways Brands Use Marketing Events To Grow

Companies are trying to promote their brand, products and/or services in many different ways, but one of them is particularly interesting, since it has kept its basic form, though it has evolved so much. Yes, we’re talking about in-person interactions. This concept is nowadays known as event marketing, which denotes hosting an event to build stronger relationships with prospects and customers or attending an event as an exhibitor to educate potential customers on your company’s offer.

Needless to say, event marketing also includes digital events, such as webinars and live-streamed workshops. To help you identify the best events for your company, we’ve prepared the following list of ways in which successful companies use such events to grow.

Trade shows

Trade shows and expos are used when companies want to present new products and services in a professional manner. Normally, such events have a theme that attract attendees and exhibitors from related industries to one place. For example, IMEX America, the largest trade show for event planners, allows industry movers and shakers to meet, mingle and establish new professional connections.


Conferences make up a large portion of the events industry and are considered key events. They can be either B2B or B2C and they normally feature a schedule filled with engaging speakers, educational workshops and networking sessions. If you just think about Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference, you’ll understand the magnitude of the event. The keynote, content and product updates cater to the interests of developers and product users, while activities include a highly anticipated speaker and sessions that teach customers how to get the most out of their products.

Job fairs and recruiting events

If you want to find and secure talent for your company, you need to attend job fairs and recruiting events. They are typically organized at universities and colleges and are extremely popular with startups, which are looking for fresh minds to help expand their business. One such event is the DeveloperWeek, which features developer conferences, a hackathon, and a hiring mixer for prospective job seekers.


These usually take place in a more intimate setting, with an aim to educate attendees. Since the number of attendees is smaller, there is an opportunity for more in-depth discussions and knowledge-sharing. They usually last one day or even only for a several hours.

Ceremonies and galas

While ceremonies and galas serve a variety of purposes, they have one thing in common: they are an elegant method of presenting a brand and its product or service. This sophisticated way of marketing a special occasion, such as a black-tie fundraising event or a kickoff for an annual meeting at a conference, may also feature an award ceremony. However, for the maximal effect, the right equipment has to be used, which is why many event organizers opt for the best in business, such as the forward-thinking MPH sales and install solutions, to help them achieve their goals.

Product launches

If you want to showcase new products or solutions, there is no better way than a product launch. This event is used to get existing and potential customers excited about features and functionalities that are coming to their product. Just think about the product launches organized by Apple and all the hype that surrounds them. Such events have a profound effect on brand perception, which is another issue every company should be concerned about.

Thought leadership and networking events

The aim of these events is to present a brand’s authority in a particular domain and provide opportunities for people with related business interests to meet and interact. These events can include VIPs of focus more on general admission. For example, Forbes Under 30 Summit brings together young professionals and A-list speakers, among others, but there is also the famous pub crawl. This immersive event allows young innovators to share their voice and network with peers.

Team building

Though internal, team building events provide a great way for employees to bond. Such events facilitate relationship building, so that employees can become better leaders and colleagues, thus strengthening your company. Team building events focus on boosting motivation, understanding and efficiency of a team, which ultimately leads to better business results, which is why they can be treated as part of event marketing.

VIP events

VIP events (or sales acceleration events) are focused on providing the most influential shareholders, customers, and other honored guests with an exclusive experience. Every VIP event tries to maintain the loyalty of these key figures, thus ultimately increasing revenue.

These are just the most popular types of events that companies all over the world use to boost their business results, as well as their reputation. When planned, prepared and executed properly, they are one of the most effective ways of helping a company develop, which is why every company should consider organizing or attending them.

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