5 Great Ways To Market Your Sustainability Efforts To Your Customers

Environmentalism and sustainability have become two important pillars of the modern society, and the business world is taking note. For years now, business leaders around the world have been steadily adopting eco-friendly and sustainable practices in order to comply with the government initiatives, build their brands up in the eyes of the customers, and reduce operational expenses while creating a happier workforce. Yes, sustainability can do all of that and more for your company, but only if you implement it across your organization.


That’s why today, we are not talking about the obvious ways to tell the world that you’re going green, because anyone can send out emails, write blogs about it, and craft targeted ads for a great digital marketing strategy. No, today we are talking about the best ways to show your customers that you are becoming a more sustainable brand, and how you can introduce the concept of sustainability into the hearts and minds of your audience. Professional, clean, compelling decor immediately communicate the value of your business or product to a prospective customer. It creates confidence in your quality and in your professionalism. Here’s what you need to do.

1. It starts with your company culture

First things first, you can’t convince the world that you’re all about sustainability if you don’t weave the concept into the very fabric of your brand’s identity. Sustainability is not a buzzword, it’s a way of life and a model by which your company needs to live and breathe – a model of behavior that every employee needs to internalize as well.

This is what imbues the company with a positive culture, and the thing that makes the brand look and feel a certain way to your customers and clients. Be sure to incentivize carpooling, adopt recycling and reusing policies, and run sustainability workshops to show your employees how they can nurture a better company culture to fruition.

2. Adopt a biophilic design

If you have clients or customers coming through the doors of your main office or your various locations, then you need to show them that sustainability is an integral part of your interior design. Even if you’re operating strictly in the online world and only have employees coming to the office, you should still adopt a biophilic design approach to build a happier workforce that will spread the word of the sustainable company they work in to their friends and family.


The biophilic design is not just about the look of the space, it’s also about the values that it brings to life through the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials and practices. It can also complement your digital transformation strategy perfectly to create a sustainable workspace. You can use greenery, reclaimed and salvaged wood, as well as pre-owned and repurposed materials to build a store or an office space that will tell your customers and employees your company is all about conservation and preservation.

3. Minimize energy waste across the board

Speaking of sustainable practices, one of the most powerful changes you can make that the employees and customers will notice instantly is to minimize your energy usage across your organization. You can start with the lighting in your work environment, and optimize the lighting scheme to better fit your company and its processes.


In the manufacturing industry, for example, better LED systems that benefit the industrial manufacturing process will lead to better productivity and lower power consumption around the facility, while traditional office spaces should adopt smart lighting systems to minimize waste in unoccupied areas. It’s also important to stick to your digital transformation efforts to create a digitized workspace and eliminate paper waste.

4. Build a sustainable supply chain

Of course, you need to remember that your company is but a part of a grander supply chain, and that you cannot be the only sustainable link in it. No matter how much you try to uphold certain sustainability standards, people will quickly find out that one of your suppliers, manufacturers, or retailers is being wasteful or is exploiting people and animals to achieve their goals.

When that happens, your own reputation will take a hit. So, make sure to surround yourself with only sustainable partners for the world to see.

5. Adapt your business model for long-term sustainability

Last but not least, being an eco-minded entrepreneur doesn’t just mean coming up with new ideas for a sustainable business – it can also mean reframing your core business model to become more sustainable over time. It’s never too late to bring sustainable products and solutions to the market, and reshape your business model to adopt more eco-conscious production processes in the months and years to come. Whatever industry you’re a part of, you can find a way to make your products and services more sustainable, and the world will take note quickly once they see this initiative from your future-oriented brand.


Wrapping up

Once you have adopted these changes in your company, marketing and spreading the word of your sustainability efforts through ads, copy, and content will be a walk in the park. Be sure to use these tips to let the world know you’re committed to make the world a better place.

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