What Are The Main Components Of A Digital Marketing Strategy ?

No matter what type of business you run, it is important that you keep on top of your digital marketing strategy. Whatever strategy you put in place, it should be based around a series of core practices and principles, as highlighted below.

#1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A mysterious dark art to many people, but also a necessary part of ensuring that customers can find your business, SEO should form the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. With so many people failing to go beyond the first page of search results, this gives you a good general idea of why it is so important. So, you could manage it yourself, or alternatively, look for an SEO agency in Birmingham to help. Whatever you decide, this is certainly a crucial part of getting more people to click on your website.

#2. PPC (Pay Per Click)

Another way that you can find yourself getting more traffic to your website is by making the most of pay per click, or PPC. This can help you in both the short- and the long term, and has the added benefit of you only having to pay when people click on the links that you make available. However, when they reach the website, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is created in such a way that people are more likely to buy your products and/or services. 

#3. Content Marketing 

The next important part of a successful digital marketing strategy is the content marketing aspect. At the heart of the content that you are creating needs to be quality. Not only does this help from an SEO point of view, but it also helps you to create shareable content on social media that is going to get more clicks. So, before you start creating content, it is worth making a plan that encompasses everything that you want to achieve within it. 

#4. Social Media Marketing 

Social media can be a confusing place—especially with new platforms coming out with increasing regularity. However, this doesn’t mean that you should step away from it as it is such a great way of generating new leads and encouraging brand loyalty. You can also use it as a tool that uncovers trends and insights on your industry, as well as keeping a close eye on your competitors to see what they are doing. 

#5. Email Marketing 

Emails can be an incredibly persuasive way of giving your customers a little nudge and encouraging them to come back to you. Once people are on your mailing list, you have an instant connection to them. Again, you need to ensure that you put in place a clear strategy as you want people to be interested in what they are receiving, and you don’t want them to unsubscribe due to excessive spam or other similar reasons. 

While there are other parts to successful digital marketing, these are the main ways that you can create an all-encompassing strategy to boost your sales and reputation. 

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