Using JPEG to Word Converter to Improve Office Productivity

A few years ago, the idea that one could convert a JPEG, GIF, TIFF or any image file to a readable word document seemed impossible. The fact that there was a need for some kind of software that could read an image and translate it into words. This kind of technology can save time and the frustrating chore of transcribing the images into words. If you work in a company that supports paperless filing then you may have come across some documents that need to be presented neatly or that require original signatures. For a while, this was a serious dilemma and companies have had to higher clerks to do all that work. Thankfully, things have changed and technology that converts PDF, GIFF, and TIFF into word documents has been introduced in the market.

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There are people who are skeptical about how a computer can convert an image into a word. The skepticism lends itself to the fear that sometimes the words deciphered from an image might be misread or that the information can easily get garbled or lost in translation. To deal with the fear and skepticism, people need to understand how these technologies do what they do and to know the relative margin of error in converting an image into a letter or a word. If you have ever been a data capturer or a document controller in an international company having branches all over the world, then having a software like JPEG to Word Converter that can cut your work significantly and enable you to do things you usually put off when the flow of documents and information subsides.

What is OCR ?

The conversion of images to word document is made possible by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. When you create an image either on your digital camera, scanner, etc., a computer cannot tell the difference between a JPEG picture of a file and a scanned copy of your lease. A computer only interprets an image as a combination of pixels, which means virtually nothing.

How does OCR software work ?

Software designed with OCR can digitize different file formats into readable text. What the software does is to take individual characters in the image file and to compare with characters already stored in the software itself. The software will then choose the matching symbol and it will proceed from one character to the next. The bad thing about this technique is that sometimes characters that look the same are selected, thereby distorting the output – giving credence to garbled translation that most people fear.

The other method involves recognizing the unique features that different characters of the alphabet have. The software will scan and match images looking more closely at these unique features. The conversion is easy depending on the software used.

The Benefits of Using a JPEG to Word Converter

There is a lot of OCR software online. Most of them work in the same way, but they are not always as accurate. If you work in a company that relies a lot on paper like a law office or you are a clerk who often has to handle scanned documents and retype them either to edit the content or to affix signatures then OCR software is invaluable. The best things about it is that even for a person who deals with documents that have drawings and text like engineering drawings (for example) the software needs to discern what is an image and what is text. The other benefit is that it recognizes more than 40 languages and it preserves whatever tables and graphics on the document. For added security, you can add watermarks to the converted documents. The JPEG to Word Converter can be downloaded online for immediate use.

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