The Benefits Of Using Video In PR Campaigns

Video goes further than text alone ever can when it comes to telling a story and live video, in particular, goes even further. Live streams allow brands to offer their audience an authentic and real-time view of the faces behind the brand name, establishing an immediate level of trust with the audience.

For PR, video can work wonders for grabbing the attention of both journalists and an audience. Videos not only increase awareness but they increase the shareability of your pieces optimising your PR campaigns for the ultimate brand visibility.

Here are some of the key ways that video can be hugely effective when used in PR campaigns…


Words can be used to tell stories, but a video simply says a thousand words. Rather than relying on words alone to generate sales, video allows you to be far more illustrative, creative and unique in the way your brand gets the story across. People will be able to understand your message easily and quickly without having to read a huge chunk of content and your video will stick in their mind far longer than a bunch of words ever will.

Brands can also use a smartphone to record professional videos in-house without spending a penny, yet the results they can achieve in terms of PR coverage and brand reputation online can be extensive.

People don’t buy into a product, they buy into a brand and the people behind that brand. Therefore, showing your team in videos allows people to believe and trust in the stories you are telling creating much more effective results long term.

Zidivo offer a professional video platform where brands can host or live stream their videos on any or as many webpages as they require. You can even create your own webpages to embed your videos on. You can even host large-scale virtual events to hugely elevate your PR campaigns, gain coverage and see some real results.


On top of video allowing brands to capture stories and grab the attention of their audiences far easier, video is far more personal and interactive. By putting a face to your brand, your PR pieces will be far more relatable, engaging but most of all memorable. All people naturally react far better to human faces and voices, rather than a piece of written content with us being highly visual beings by nature.

While some brands are skilled in portraying their brands persona through the tone of their written content, video and live video allows you to go one step further and fill in the gaps of a story, without having to spend the time writing a ton of copy.


More than 50% of marketing professionals worldwide claimed that video is the type of content with the highest return on investment. It allows your audience to easily and authentically connect with your brans and spurs people to take action and either make a purchase or at least visit a brands site, which in turn hugely boosts a brands revenue.


Last but not least, using videos in PR is also extremely effective in generating opportunities without having to spend a fortune on content creation for your campaigns. The use of video and having multi-media press releases hugely increases your chance of gaining coverage, brand awareness and, in turn, a higher ROI.


Video and live video in particular establishes an immediate level of trust between a brand and their audience. You can use video in your press releases to show the faces behind your brand and allow your audience to establish a connection with your team and not just your brand name. The more your audience believe in the people behind a brand, the more memorable your campaigns will be and the better the results.

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