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Sponsored spotlights / reviews / posts are meant to bring you exposure and recognition. Whether you have a new blog or an old blog, you need some spotlights from time to time. Spotlights help you get exposure and traffic. It makes your readers remember your site.

This is where I come in. If you want to promote your services – whatever it may be then I can help you to do that. Whether you provide web designing services or consultancy, people need to know about you. Those people can become your customers if you know how to promote yourself.

The sponsored spotlights will be similar to the Blog Engage Spotlights.

Sponsored Spotlights

Sponsored Spotlights

I have been blogging for more than 19 months now. I have some extensive experiences on freelance writing and guest posting on other sites. I’m also pretty good at content marketing and social media marketing. The proof is I have won guest blogging and other contests from which I have won hundreds of dollars. Winning contests requires targeted promotion and extensive marketing which I’m pretty good at.

Features of Sponsored Spotlights

Promote Your Services

Sponsored spotlights will contain information on all the services you provide. It will highlight all the features of your services that you provide. If you have a business, then this is ideal for you.

Social Media Marketing

My facebook fan page has over 1000 targeted likes and I have over 700 targeted twitter followers. I also belong to 30 facebook groups, 10 Google+ Communities, 8 LinkedIn groups – potentially reaching atleast 10,000 people. I also have some close friends who can help me get an even bigger exposure of your spotlights.
sponsored spotlights
I also did a number of giveaways on my blog which got some incredible attention from the blogosphere. If you want me to do some paid advertising for you on Facebook, that can also be done. However, for that you need to pay some extra.

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For a standard spotlight, which includes content writing (at least 500 words) and social media marketing, it will cost you $60 USD.


Please drop a mail to lahaulseth[at]gmail[dot]com for any queries.