Social Commerce – The Stats You Need Today

Modern business marketing is something of a minefield. Not that long ago, marketing meant putting an ad in your local newspapers. You might have supplemented this by booking a radio spot or TV commercial if your budget allowed.

The point is that it was a lot simpler. You advertised what you did, maybe threw a few specials into the mix and you were done. Today that just won’t cut it. People want to be able to connect with your brand, and they want you to be responsive.

You need to think in terms of adding value for clients via social media, rather than just blasting advertising at them. You need to work on getting positive reviews and feedback.

It is something that e-commerce giant eBay does well. They don’t stop at vouchers and the odd promo; they connect with clients on social media too.

Why is making this connection on social media so vital? 59% of customers think that it is easier to have their questions answered and issues resolved through social media channels. It is also interesting that 87% of customers say that social media helped them decide what to buy.

With around 70% of Americans active on social media, these are stats that no business can afford to ignore. Understanding the relationship between social media networks and e-commerce platforms is essential for any business.

And that is where the infographic below can give you a head start. It is jam-packed with up to date and useful statistics that will give you a new understanding of social media and social commerce.

Lahaul Seth
Lahaul Seth

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