What People Know and Think About Aadhaar Scheme ?

The Aadhaar Scheme has faced several disputes after it was first initiated back in 2009. After years of disputes, spending thousands of crores of taxpayer’s money, many might think that people are well aware of the Aadhaar scheme and it’s agenda. But the shocking truth is most are still not aware of the scheme even though they paid for it.

One of the reasons that most people in India don’t have the slightest idea about Aadhaar is because of the Government of India. The UPA Government never took a proper initiative to make it’s citizens aware of the Aadhaar scheme. What it did do at first was made it mandatory for citizens to avail basic public services like LPG Gas subsidy.

What People Know About The Aadhaar Scheme?

Surprisingly and shockingly, most people haven’t even heard of the Aadhaar scheme and even if they have they don’t it’s uses and how their taxes went on to fund an operation that barely produced any result. In the video below, one person literally said that he had never heard of the Aadhaar scheme but he also mentioned that he had received his Aadhaar card along with his PAN card.

Aadhaar was started as a revolutionary way to bring about a better governance, but the idea fell through the roof because of the all the impractical approach. What started as a great way to bring more control into the lives of the citizens turned into a major hype because the Government didn’t live upto it’s expectations.

Some people have also expressed that Government used a forceful method to make the citizens enroll for the Aadhaar scheme. At the beginning, people had the idea that it was going to be another valid document, similar to PAN, Password and Voter ID card. But later, it turned out to be an only identity proof which additionally serves as a proof of residence and nothing more.

What People Think About Aadhaar ?

Even though most are not aware of the scheme, but those who have, claimed that it’s an invasion of privacy. Taking biometric scans of your iris, fingerprints and all your personal details like addresses have been categorized as ‘giving out too much details‘. Citizens have also expressed their concerns on what happens if all the data falls into the wrong hands.

As recently as few months ago, the Central Government made an announcement that everyone’s social media accounts would be monitored and those who publicly post offensive pictures and text, might even be sent to jail. This move was met with vigorous protests. It not only takes away people’s freedom of expression but also their privacy. Wire-tapping has been a key issue in this country where political leaders are known to spy and monitor citizen’s lifestyle. So naturally people also expressed fears about what the Government was capable of with so much of their personal details they collected using the Aadhaar scheme.

There is also the concern for national security. People have expressed their concern about giving Aadhaar cards to illegal immigrants and non-citizens. Aadhaar was aimed at helping the citizens not for those who crosses the border and into our country illegally.


Rajeev Chandrasekhar, an independent Honorable Member of the Parliament in Rajya Sabha, has addressed the issue and specifically asked the Government multiple times on what can be done regarding handing out Aadhaar cards to the illegal immigrants. But no satisfactory answer was provided.

A very recent issue associated with the Aadhaar that enraged every household in India is LPG subsidy. Earlier, it was made a rule that to avail LPG Subsidy enrolling in Aadhaar was must. Even after enrolling people were met with various challenges with variouos issues. But recently, the Government said it is not mandatory anymore. But those who took the trouble of doing so in all these months now have to shell out unsubsidized price while buying a cylinder. People also have complained that even after two weeks their accounts are not credited with the subsidy amount which have enraged the people even more.

So, now when asked about the Aadhaar scheme, most people answer ” What was the point of it all ? “.

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