The Worst Mistakes in Online Marketing

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Most of the time, you are going to see articles that try to pump you up about all of the things that you need to do right with your online marketing so that you can increase your level of success. You will find articles about choosing the right Premium WordPress themes for your business site, or ways that you can engage more with your readers. All of these are great things to know, and they are online-marketingthings that every business owner today is going to need to consider.

However, you also have to take some time to look at the dark side of online marketing so that you know the things to avoid. This article is going to look at those things so that you do not make the mistake that so many others in the past have done!

Unwanted and Misleading Emails

This terrible tactic is one that any good marketer today is going to want to avoid. First, people do not trust emails, especially if they do not know who sent them or why. Viruses and other troubles pop up with too much regularity. If you put someone on an email list as a part of your marketing, and they did not sign up for the list, you are breaking their trust. The person is not going to want the email, and will not buy from you since you added them without permission.

Another issue is with misleading emails that promise one thing only to request that you spend money to receive it. For example, an email with a headline that reads “10 Ways to Make Money Fast” that only offers a link to your site so that they can purchase something from you is not going to do you any favors on the marketing front. People are going to see you as a spammer and they will not want to do business with you at all.

Spamming on Social Networks

When social networks first came into prominence, smart marketers looked at ways they could leverage it and keep people happy. Marketers with a bit less tact simply started spamming everyone they could find with incessant messages. Some would even try to post links on other people’s timelines. This is a practice sure to have people up in arms.

Instead, you have to take a smarter approach to this type of online marketing. With social networking, you have to remember to be social. Connect with the people who are on the site and start to develop a relationship of trust with them. When you are engaging honestly in social media and you show the person behind the company, they are going to be more willing to follow your links to your site to see what you have to offer.

Forgetting to Make Great Offers

Another one of the issues some marketers today have is the fact that they are not offering enough of value to customers to get them to try their product or service. You are asking people to take a risk online-marketingon something, so you should be willing to offer them something in return. For example, make sure that you are offering something of value on your site. Great content is a start, but you will want to consider giving away some free e-books or even an app. You want to show people that you are going to be able to offer them something of value. The giveaways that you have can act as additional marketing tools as well.

While you do have some landmines that you have to watch for when you are marketing, it does start to become easier when you learn what works and what does not work.

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