How To Increase Your Email Subscribers With Bloom

The money is in the list” – that’s what most of the successful bloggers preach when they send out email campaigns. However, to make money from the list, you need to build the list first. When I first started blogging more than 3.5 years ago, I never gave importance to building an email subscriber base. I did try for sometime. But I gave up because I moved into the freelancing industry which is where my online income comes from. I kept blogging as a side business because I loved writing. I do try to update my blog whenever I can.

I’ve been a fan of Elegant Themes for a while now because their themes are really easy to use and they look very attractive. Just recently, Elegant Themes released an email optin plugin for WordPress. They named the plugin Bloom. Since it’s release, it has become very popular among bloggers especially in the WordPress community. As soon as I checked out all the features Bloom has I immediately got interested in using it.

I had a very old email list with Mailchimp which I created back in 2012. So, I decided to use that list to try out Bloom. After installing the plugin, I tried all the features it has to offer.

Bloom Features

Bloom comes with 6 types of forms – Popup, Flyin, Below Post, Inline, Locked Content and Widget. If you observe closely you will find that almost all the features are similar to OptinMonster – another very popular WordPress plugin for email optin.


Popup is probably the most popular among all of them. Most bloggers use the popup feature to gather the attention of the reader. It quickly catches the attention of the readers and has more success rate than static forms below post and in the sidebars.

You can actually control the time interval and the percentage of page the user has to scroll down before the page appears. It can also be triggered after inactivity or purchasing.


Most of the settings are common to all the types of forms. You have identical settings for Flyin form as well. The static forms have lesser number of settings because they are not really triggered by any user action.

The best thing about the plugin is it will show you all the statistics which includes – impressions, conversions and conversion rate.



The best thing about the Bloom plugin is it comes with 80 pre-made templates which you can edit to suit your needs.

Creating a new optin form is very easy. Select the type of Optin you want to choose. After that you need to setup your optin form.  This particularly involves giving the name of your optin and selecting the mailing list. Do remember to integrate your mailing list with Bloom before this step. Generally, you would be using an API key to make the connection.


The next thing that you need to do is select the theme. The next thing that you need to do is select the theme. Bloom comes with 80 templates. You can select any one of them and customize them to your need.


The next step would be to design your optin form. You can customize your optin title and optin message. The message is the main part of the form which will pull the audience in and will help in making them subscribe to your list. Other than this, you have the option of styling of the form.


You also have the option of adding custom footer message and a success message. The success message will be shown to the reader who has successfully subscribed to your email list. You also have the option of adding custom CSS to your form. You can add your own tweaks to the form the way you want.


Once, you’re done with it you can just save and exit. The only thing that is currently missing from Bloom is the Exit Intent feature which enables an optin to popup when the user tries to leave the page. Hopefully, Elegant Themes will add this feature to Bloom in the next update.

So, make you check out Bloom as it’s one of the best email optin plugin for WordPress.

What do you think about Bloom based on the above information ? Share your views with us in the comment section.

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