How Academic Pressure Is Affecting Indian Students

With an increasing importance being given to the grades and relative performance of students in academics, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it comes with a lot more pressure for students to deal with. The Indian education system puts an unnatural amount of emphasis on memorizing answers than actually educating the students. This is not to say that educational institutions in India do not equip students with the education they seek, but it’s debatable that it needs reform.


Somewhere in the process of memorizing and the inability to perform in such a system, students generally develop a mindset of not being good enough, which can prove to be very harmful. Students are more worried about getting good enough scores to get into colleges and somewhere in the process some passion gets overshadowed.

The Indian education system is lays huge emphasis on exams. Using major exams like the 10th Boards to determine the stream one gets to choose, the 12th Boards to use as a representation for the student’s intelligence, right from the beginning students are exposed to large amounts of academic pressure.

Studies show that two third students claim to be pressurized by their parents to score well in the exams. These exams are given a lot more value than actual education which sometimes accounts for competent, intelligent students to get left behind and be unable to earn the intellectual credibility by companies as a result of them not scoring up to the mark.

Negative Impact Of Academic Pressure

The figures and conclusions presented in this topic are based on secondary research done with the help of various studies and research papers conducted to study the negative effects of academic pressure on students.

Mental Health

Right from a young age, some students suffer from academic stress which affects their mental health. Study shows that the demands of parents as well as educational institutes to be the best in academic and extracurricular activities causes students to develop deep rooted nervous disorders in early ages. Evident by another experiment showed students suffer from moderate (37%) to extremely severe depression (2.4%).

Self Esteem

A study shows that there is a direct correlation between self esteem and academic performance. Students with better academic performance were observed to have stronger self esteem than those with a relatively weaker performance in academia. The trend was consistent among students of different genders, indicating a universal effect.

Affected Relationships

According to a survey done on students, constant comparing of students by their parents based on subjective ideas of success, students have started feeling a negative impact on their friendships due to a hint of rivalry.
The highly stressful and packed schedules of students is another cause of damaged relationships.


The demands of the education system can make it a very suffocating idea to deal with for some students.
A research conducted on high school students in Kolkata shows that nearly 63% of the surveyed students report to be under stress due to academic pressure. The study mainly focused 11th and 12th grade students. The study also showed that around 81.6% students reported examination-related anxiety. It was observed that female students reported to be relatively more affected by exam related anxiety.

Silver Lining

We’ve discussed the significant negative impact of academic pressure, which is clear. However, if handled correctly, the same education system that proves to have negative impacts, can be the key to success for some. The reason that makes the system have such negative impacts is poor psychological handling and misguided ideas.

Following are a few ways through which you can deal with academic pressure.

  1. Regular exercise
  2. Stop comparing yourself
  3. Surround yourself with positive people
  4. Plan/Organize you work and act accordingly
  5. Don’t let stress overrun you
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