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Content Marketing with Content Syndication

Content syndication in very basic sense refers to the transmission and display of information. The basic general process on how web syndication works is very simple. Generally there are two sites involved. One is a site which transmits information is connected to the viewing site via a RSS feed. It is this RSS feed that maintains the connection between the two sites. Content syndication is a mutual understanding concept. The site which transmits the information gets more exposure and the site which displays the information gains authority as a valid information provider. It actually gets more popular as users love the interesting stories that the site shares.

One of the advantages of content syndication is your content is shared by giving credit to you and a link back to your site.

Why content syndication is necessary

No doubt that creating content is important. But it’s of no use if no one sees it. This is where content marketing comes in and content syndication is one of the many ways that you can market your content.

Content marketing isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s actually a very complex and very strategic process. Marketing also involves looking out for opportunities and content syndication is an effective solution if you’re looking to explore it.

Content syndication brings in new opportunities like making more money online, greater exposure for your business, marketing new products etc. One of the reasons it’s so effective is because your content is displayed to a variety of users. Each syndicating site has different types of readers and viewers and it helps in creating more opportunities to grow your business and yourself.

Syndicating Sites That Works Great

Social Media Today – As the name suggests, it’s a syndicating site that only allows social media entries. It’s an independent online community of marketing gurus. Some of the biggest names of social media marketing share their news on Social Media Today.

If you’re a social media enthusiast, then this is the place for you. You won’t find so many established social media marketers sharing their content in one place. It’s also a great place to gather more knowledge about social media and taking your business even further.

Outbrain – Outbrain is one of the biggest content discovery platform and content syndicators in the world. What’s more important is, to whom Outbrain syndicates. It is used by some of the major websites in the world including CNN, Time, Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal etc. It actually works in a simple way.

content syndication

Outbrain has a related post plugin which can be used to show related posts. And beside that, there’s also a widget that shows related posts from around the web. If you’re in the Outbrain network and relevant to the post on that site, then your post link will end up on that site.

Taboola – Other than Outbrain, Taboola is another big player in the world of content syndication and it too is a content discovery platform. Like Outbrain, Taboola is also used by some of the biggest and most high traffic websites on the planet including TMZ, USA Today etc.

With Taboola, you have the potential to reach 300 million people who would engage and share your content from your site. Like Outbrain, it too has a “ From Around The Web” plugin which is used by some of the biggest sites. Publish a relevant post on your blog and stay in the Taboola network, you might just get lucky.

Triberr – Triberr is a great place to syndicate your content provided you’re in the right “Tribe”. This is what Triberr is about. Like minded people forming tribes and promoting each other’s content.

So, where does content syndication come in ?

It actually comes in when you’re a member of a tribe. When you become a member, you can share your blog posts directly into the group timeline via your RSS feed. When you publish new posts, your posts will automatically get imported into the Triberr groups that you’re part of – it doesn’t matter how many groups you’re part of.

Blog Engage – Blog Engage is an online community of bloggers who share and promote each other’s content. Other than blogging and internet marketing articles, you will also find articles related to daily activities. Some of the biggest names in the blogging and affiliate marketing world like Ileane Smith, Zac Johnson are present on Blog Engage.

Blog Engage actually has different membership plans for content syndication. Higher the plan you avail, higher the exposure of your content. Along with syndication, when your new posts reaches the front page, after you get a certain number of votes by your fellow bloggers, your content is shared on Blog Engage’s all social media profiles giving your content an even bigger exposure.

Some of the other content syndicating similar to Blog Engage are Biz Sugar, Blokube,, Klinkk,, etc. – WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world. After the release of version 3.8 in Dec – 2013 , 9.3 million downloads took place worldwide. Maintenance release version 3.8.1 was released on 23rd Jan, 2014.

content syndication

If you’re a fan of WordPress or love to write WordPress tutorials, then this is the place for you. The site only syndicates content relating to WordPress, an ideal place to get your content out there among some of the best. The site has actually been developed by the owners of using which you can manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. You find themes , tutorials , news and basically everything related to WordPress on this site.

Making Content Syndication more effective

Content syndication is a very essential part of content marketing. But it also needs strategy. Most marketers make the same mistake every time. They just submit a post and go off to another syndicating site repeating the process again. This approach doesn’t actually help in bringing in more traffic or audience.

Content syndication should be done slowly. By slowly, I mean, first pick a site of your choosing and then concentrate on building a following over there. Concentrate on building relationships with your fellow readers.

When you’re happy with the followers you have gathered, select another site and repeat the process again. But keep in mind, you need to maintain the relationship that you have built in the previous site.

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