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Use of HTML form builder has increased rapidly since online business has taken a serious flight over the past decade. It has become the best tool for your business and will fetch you more profit and ease. HTML form builder primarily used to create web forms quickly and gather the data professionally. Moreover, the form builder is quite convenient and a lot cheaper. It can be created easily with the help of the AidaForm Online Form Maker. You can instantly create your own personalized forms as per your requirements and then attach the link of your form page to your website. Added to this you can easily gather data and feedbacks which will be notified to you instantly at each submission and you can later access them and analyze them through AidaForm web interface.

How to create a Contact Us forms ?

Connection with your customers is a major part of your business since the prosperity pretty much lies in their hands. You need to use HTML form builder that is clear and self-explanatory one hand, and on the other, easy to fill up so that the customer’s inclination to favor of you grows in no time.

Few steps that are involved in the making of a Contact form :

1. Create a Template

Choose a template to suit your plan of the layout and structure your own form. Add the fields of your choice and according to your needs like Name, Email address, Phone, Text fields, Address, Radio buttons and so on and so forth.The form builders take care of your layout and assist you in the areas of field validation, error message and fill out hints.

2. Customize the form

The contact us forms need to be inviting for the customers so that you can attract some of the potential ones. The customization of the websites and the online forms are done with the view of indulging your clientele in an experience and to motivate them towards your company. Pick a theme for your form that complements the same of your website. Add the logo of your company and select the fonts and colors of your choice. Create an emotional aura around the forms to suit the objectives of your company.

3. Publish your contact form

You will have to share your form after building it up. Add the link of your Contact Us form directly to your website. It has to be added to the Contact Us button as an easy guide for the customers. Share the same link via emails and social networking site if you intend to widen the periphery of your business. The form builders are responsible for collecting the replies for you.the issues of plugging, coding and integrations are obliterated now.

4. Collect submissions

Each time a form is submitted, you will get a notification via email. You can also extract a visual summary on your dashboard. You can also set up a target email marketing campaigns by exporting the emails to MailChimp, thus forming a newsletter database. The contact data can be saved up in Excel sheets to be followed up later.

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