Emotional Advertising: How To Incorporate Emotions In Your Ads

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Emotional Advertising: How To Incorporate Emotions In Your Ads

Some of the most memorable ads use emotional advertising techniques. According to psychology experts, humans have six basic emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, and disgust. If you want to create compelling ads for your brand, you need to tap at least one of these feelings.

Many businesses have succeeded in using this strategy. If you’re planning to use emotional advertising for your brand, too, you can hire an ad agency in Melbourne. They can help you create and execute your marketing plans to launch your ad campaign. Here are some tips for appealing to human emotions in your ads.

Present ‘Good Vibes’

One of the best ways to succeed in this type of advertising is to make your audience feel good. Present content that will make anyone who sees it experience happiness. Take Coca-Cola’s ‘Open Happiness’ ad, for example. Instead of directly telling people to purchase their products, Coca-Cola advocates for sharing happiness with other people. Now, many people unconsciously think that buying a bottle of soda will make them feel happy.

Create Tear-Jerker Ads

Another powerful way is to make your audience cry. Yes, your campaign will be successful if they bawl their eyes out. Who will ever forget a video that made them cry, right?

One supermarket company in Germany used this method. Their ad video showed how a grandfather, who was living alone, wanted to see his family so badly. What he did was he faked his death. When all his children and grandkids arrived, they were surprised to see a table set for a celebration, just in time for the holidays. Then, the grandfather showed up and told everyone, ‘How else could I have brought you all together?’ The ad ended with a reminder that we should all come home.

Start a Conversation

Do not be afraid to stir up people’s emotions. You can also make your audience feel angry with your ad, but make sure that you place a surprising reveal at the end. This way, you can effectively convey your campaign. The ‘Always’ brand successfully used this method with the #LikeAGirl ad.

At the beginning of the video, people were shown portraying how women supposedly run, throw, and fight weakly or clumsily. Then, towards the end of the video, young girls were shown behaving differently when asked to act like a girl. They ran as fast as they could. They acted like they were the strongest people in the world. The ad ended with a message encouraging women to feel more confident about ‘being a girl’ because there is nothing wrong with being one.

The best thing about emotional advertising is that it does not directly tell people to make a purchase. Advertisements that touch on emotions often present realistic and relatable scenarios to their audience. The main goal is to let potential consumers remember your brand. If you create compelling emotional ads, people will unconsciously incorporate your brand into different scenarios and daily activities that they will eventually decide to purchase your products.

10 Reasons An Ecommerce Website Is Beneficial For Your Business

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10 Reasons An Ecommerce Website Is Beneficial For Your Business

Are you looking for an easy and proven way to boost the revenue of your business? Whatever industry you are in, if you do not leverage the power of e-commerce, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

The reality is, most of the world has already moved online. Consumers are no longer waiting to get home and to their office to do their research and do emails. Also, people’s noses are always on the screens.

If you are not convinced yet, reports show that the value for the global e-commerce sales this 2019 is projected to be around 3.45 trillion dollars.

So, how does this affect you? In this article, we will walk you through the top nine reasons an e-commerce site can boost your business’ revenue.

1. Convenient for Customers

These days, more and more people are tapping into the convenience of online shopping.

Rather than spending hours on shopping malls and physical stores, a lot of consumers are buying stuff on the internet during their breaks. Even more, when the weather is particularly bad, and it is quite challenging to get to shop downtown.

The presence of the online market has made it relatively easy for busy people or people with special needs to shop and make purchasing decisions without the hassle of being in an inaccessible place.

2. Larger Audience Reach

An e-commerce website makes you easily tap the global market, where you could easily reach out and offer your products and services. Meaning you can do business with people worldwide, no matter the time zone or distance.

By having a site that is open 24/7, people could easily enjoy the round-the-clock convenience to be able to buy whatever they want, whenever they want it.

You will not be losing out sales, unlike a physical store, because you have an online shop that is open 24/7.

3. Cost-effective

It is easier to sell your products and services online because you are selling them on an online platform. Unlike traditional retail businesses, you do not have to worry about the high cost of shop rentals, utility bills, and a large team of employees.

As a result, you will be able to sell your products and services at a more competitive price.

4. Customizable

When you work with a professional design team, you will have a greater chance to come up with an e-commerce site that is highly customized and perfectly tailored to fit your needs.

A customized website lets you strategize better, which benefits and features you need to highlight more on your online store.

Moreover, it makes it easy to highlight your brand logo and other branding icons that work best for your business.

5. Better Conversion Rates

No matter how famous your brand is, if you have low conversion rates, your profits will be low as well.

An e-commerce site will help you boost your conversions because people can instantly buy from you rather than wait for your physical store to open.

6. Purchasing Decisions are Easily Influenced by Ecommerce

When people put their minds into buying something, they will usually start off on the internet.

That’s why you should consider your site as your showroom, where customers can easily check out the products you are selling and know why that particular product is right for them.

Now, imagine you have an e-commerce site, and people can conveniently buy that product in just a couple of clicks. You will get money from the purchase without physically opening a store.

A website that is well-managed, easy to navigate, and professional-looking can easily influence your customer’s buying decisions, simply by showcasing your products and services at its best. You will get better revenues as well.

7. Enhanced Customer Experience

A lot of people want to research a particular product or service first before buying them online. A well-designed e-commerce site will help them achieve that in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

A professional-looking site will let prospects know that you are committed to giving them the best possible customer experience, both online and offline.

You can also use your e-commerce site to connect with your audience via press releases and social media content.

8. Open All the Time

Although other physical stores like convenience stores, fast-food chains, and gasoline stations can manage to offer a 24-hour service, it is quite an impossibility for other businesses, especially if there is no internet.

One of the major advantages of having an e-commerce site is for your prospects to access your products and services at any given time, whether it is day or night.

Imagine if you are open 24/7, and how it could benefit your business. A lot of people may look up your products and services after work or school hours, at times where your physical office or business is closed.

The good news is that your website can serve as your 24/7 salesperson to answer any questions, and can generate leads (and even sales!) for your business.

9. Less Risk

Setting up an e-commerce store allows you to enjoy more profitability with fewer risks.

You are likely to employ fewer people with low chances of shoplifting, damages to your products, and working with rogue workers that could easily happen when you open a physical shop.

10. Greater Brand Awareness

When you have a business online, you will be receiving regular social media mentions, gaining brand new customers through search, and tapping into new markets online, which helps boost brand awareness.

As a result, more people are aware of your company and interested in purchasing what you have to offer.

Building a successful e-commerce site can also have a snowball effect. As more and more people share and spread the news about your products and services, your brand awareness grows, so as your sales.

Final Thoughts

Sure, you might be offering products and services in your physical store. But you also could not deny the value and convenience an e-commerce store offers.

You are also losing out on the opportunity of bringing those excellent products in front of the eyes of a larger market to gain more sales.

That’s why you should not let your anxiety and apprehension get in the way of setting up and creating an e-commerce site for your business.

Setting up an e-commerce store will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors who have not yet decided to embrace the world of e-commerce. A world where a lot of prospects are always looking for the easiest and the most convenient ways to purchase what they need, in spite of a busy lifestyle.

This article was written by Juliette Anderson.

Show Your Growth: The Case for Investing More in Good Design As Your Business Scales Up

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Show Your Growth: The Case for Investing More in Good Design As Your Business Scales Up

Often, small business startups in the Philippines can’t afford to allow a big portion of the budget to good graphic design. But as your operations scale up, there is a need for outdoor signage, an online presence, and remarkable logo, among others. Here’s why you should consider reinvesting in professional graphic design to suit the needs of your growing business.

Startups run on tight constraints

Starting a small business requires time, effort, and dedication – often far more than a regular employee would invest in their full-time job. You have to draft your initial project study and analyze the fundamentals of the business plan. Then you file all the necessary permits and clearances, cobble up the required funding, and draft a team of trusted people to start things out on the right path.

Today more than ever, business owners are aware of the importance of strong branding and marketing. Yet amid all the considerations, compromises, and delegation of responsibility in the formative phase of your business, it’s easy to find that design gets bumped down in priority. This leads to solid business ideas possibly not reaching their target market, not quite hitting ideal goals, or just not achieving their full potential overall.

Still, if you’ve got a good concept and fundamentally sound business structure, you’ll survive, and thrive. And this leads to growth. So how do you move forward?

Establish your footing – then do an OODA loop

Self-improvement gurus often preach about the importance of the principle “Observe, Orient, Decide, Act” – the so-called OODA Loop. This strategic concept is used by top organizations and businesses to help them learn on the fly, and thrive in uncertain situations.

At its core, the OODA Loop works because it constantly makes you evaluate your mental models of how to operate. Instead of being stuck with the operations framework you started out with – a framework that might have been constrained by practical limitations, such as time and budget, that may no longer be a limiting factor – using the OODA Loop empowers you to rethink your models, adjust how you operate and look out for possible improvements.

Reinvest in design to communicate your growth

When considering how to take your business to the next level, most people would focus on stepping up existing operations – ramping up production of a key product, or expanding into new niches in the market. However, if you thoughtfully apply the OODA Loop to every aspect of your business, it should extend to branding – and you may realize that the initial design for your company, from the logo to your website and presentation templates, is in fact just as badly in need of reinvestment.

Your marketing team may have the data to point you in a certain direction when it comes to production or expansion, but they can also help to assess if your brand is still on point in communicating what your company does, or stands for. Professional marketing experts don’t just do analytics but also keep up to date with trends and collaborate with designers. There is no need to feel constrained and stick with your initial design if an opportunity exists to revamp your business aesthetic.

As most project managers can attest to, the so-called Project Management Triangle often constrains startups in terms of budget – and in the case of design, this means you may have started out with logos and branding that look cheap and rushed. As you grow your business, take your branding and design up a level too and observe the improvements that come with it.

Top 5 Content Writing Techniques To Improve Your Blog

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Top 5 Content Writing Techniques To Improve Your Blog

A website is only as valuable as its content. If the content fails to meet the standards demanded by the audience and the industry, that blog will fail. Professional ghostwriters may help you produce compelling content that will sell your brand and products effortlessly.

Creating captivating content takes more than piecing together several words and sentences. It is a meticulous process only mastered by professionals. Here are techniques and tips that will help you produce the most compelling content for your website.

1. Choose An Area You Are Passionate About

Passion drives the creation of the best blogs and websites on the Internet. The enthusiasm about the topic inspires you to choose meaningful titles for your articles. It is also the fire that gives you the insights to write ideas that resonate with your target readers. Only a passionate writer can handle the demands of any blog. Passion also helps you sustain writing and production of content until the website can generate revenue.

2. Focus On Your Topics And Subtopics

Readers click on blogs and websites depending on the topics of articles posted on the site. The titles of content on your website must be captivating to read. They should elicit curiosity so that the reader desires to learn more. Use keywords that will capture the attention of search engine spiders and rank your website higher during organic searches.

The subtitles or subtopics should also be engaging. Sustained traffic on your website demands that the content highlighted by your title should be captured in the body. It will be frustrating to click onto an article only to find that it contains different information.

3. Create Dynamic Content

Content of different types makes your blog engaging. Prepare content in various formats like images, videos, graphics, and text, among others. Such variety caters for the needs of readers who prefer these differences. You break the monotony of having continuous text, images, or videos on your website.

4. Make Your Content And Blog Engaging

Develop content that causes the reader to desire to take the action of ordering goods or services. Place Call-to-Action strategically along with your articles. Make comments on images and provide narratives for videos.

Provide an opportunity for readers or visitors to make comments on articles, videos, and images on your website. Such engagement helps you to build a community that keeps visitors and fans returning to your site. It also makes the readers feel as though they are part of the team that has set up the blog. Such a blog will attract return traffic and buyers.

5. Use The Latest SEO Techniques

The value of a blog extends beyond its content to Internet perception. How do search engines read your website? SEO techniques, like the use of a competitive domain name, the addition of keywords, and captioning videos as well as photos, will raise the profile of your website.

Quality content can help you generate decent revenue with your blog. Hire professional ghostwriters to develop exciting content for your website. Their experience and prowess will turn your blog into the talk of the world wide web.

9 Effective Tools To Improve Blogs, CRM And Networking

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9 Effective Tools To Improve Blogs, CRM And Networking

Blogging is an amazing way to create an audience for you and reach out to a wider audience. However, blogging is also widely used to increase website traffic. A blog offers remarkable versatility in fact, it is the most effective tool that you can use to build a community and keep a steady growth of your website through traffic

However, creating good quality content that has higher user engagement is not easy, you need to put efforts. But how can you make blogging effective? Blogging can be very overwhelming, especially when you know the value of a tool, however, it can be more frustrating to see your competitors get results while you sit there waiting for it. However, there are certain tools that you can use to improve your blogging.  Let’s discuss in detail

Tools to Improve Blogs

1. BuzzSumo

It is important to choose the right topic for every blog. According to Strivers Edge, a blog for social media marketing must focus on topics related to social media. It should not expand to other areas as it will decline the quality of work.

BuzzSumo is a fantastic tool to make sure that the topic remains aligned with the topic on every blog post you create.

It is a very simple tool hence it is the most preferred one too. Combine the tool with brilliant content and you can definitely stay ahead of your competitors. The tool allows you to search the topmost results on a keyword you are going to write about.

While blogging quality content is the most important thing however, you must stay on the topic as well. It ensures the highest quality content strategy but also gives you the key to provide your audience with relevant information and data they are looking for.

blog tools

2. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

Many bloggers do have to struggle with finding engaging and interesting blog topics, Are you one of them? There is no doubt that after a certain period of time it becomes difficult to generate blog topics over a period of time. For example, if you are a travel blogger you constantly need to update your audience with new topics and it can get very challenging to post content on interesting topics especially if your blog grows.

If you find it hard to generate interesting, latest and engaging topics then HubSpot Topic Generator can surely be of great help. The tool can provide to some of the most interesting topics to choose for your next blog post.

blog tools

Readability Test Tool

Do you use any tool to test the readability of your content? If you just rely just on yourself to check the readability of content then there are chances that you might go wrong. No matter how good of a writer you are every blog post is not perfect. Therefore you must use Readability test tool to do this you can check it in three ways. You can test by the URL, referrer, or direct input.

Using the direct input method is the best because you do not want to tell you content strategy before it is completely published. All you have to do is enter the content in the text box and click on the calculate readability button. The result will show you how to decipher the data. Any content that is of high quality is easier to read and understand by the readers.

Here is the free list of Readability Test Tools:

  1. Prepostseo
  2. Readable
  3. Readabler

Business CRM Tools to Increase Sales

1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a free tool available for business when it offers robust and very effective features. The functions include social media, a database of the company, drag and drop communicator. The tool offers some of the most important and basic features. It is very much suitable for both small and large businesses. You can download the software for free which is definitely added benefit. You can use the software to create contact profiles and detailed company and keep everything organized. You can also connect the system with all of the places where you conduct the sales proves like mobile phone, email, social media, website, etc.

2. Salesforce Essentials

The tool allows you to keep a track of all the customers’ details in one place which gives you a perfect way to keep the leads. You can also use the main module like sales data, lead management, marketing automation, partner management and many more.

One of the main highlights is the team can use the tool to be productive on the workplace as well as on the field. The mobile application for iOs and Android also offers customized reports and real-time data from the dashboards.

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is superb software for business. It helps in organizing the leads which provide a clear overview of the sales process and allows you to focus on important detail. You can use the tool to effectively manage the organization’s sales pipeline.

In fact, you can turn on and off the modules as per your needs and improve the quality of your service. Some of the highlighting features include viewing the timeline, importing and exporting the simple data, email integration, and contact history.

Tools to improve the networking of the business

1. Crystal

It is important to build a strong relationship with your network that helps in establishing trust and give an individual a better insight about their business. The tool helps you with accurate reports, learn about individuals before meeting them in person, get personal coaching. The resource allows you to contact each and every individual properly by giving it a more personal touch.

The tool can help you with finding new business contact in just one place very quickly and efficiently. The tool is simple to use and helps you in finding qualified prospects through automated lead generation and outreach process. The program also offers a search function that you can use to locate prospects by title, leads, industry, niche keywords, location and more. Now you can use this tool to immediately gather information of a business to business from professionals across the globe. The tool will take a follow-up and reach out to each individual you select.

2. Oktopost

The tool allows you to use social media data to get better leads and improve your networking. Oktopost is basically a social media post management platform that helps in building teams that want to create a transparent and clear network on LinkedIn. The tool also integrates some of the top resources like HubSpot and others. Now you can stay at the top of the conversation to focus on what matters the most.

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