Tutorial : Create A Login Page Using Angular JS, RESTful Web Service, Hibernate & Oracle Database

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Tutorial : Create A Login Page Using Angular JS, RESTful Web Service, Hibernate & Oracle Database

RESTful Web Services are basically REST Architecture based Web Services. In REST Architecture everything is a resource. RESTful web services are light weight, highly scalable and maintainable and are very commonly used to create APIs for web-based applications.

This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple login page using Angular JS and RESTful Web Services. For the backend, I have used Hibernate and Oracle DB. You can also use any other database like MySQL.

1. Create The Login Page

The first thing that you need to do is create the login page. Since Angular JS is used to create a single page application, let us create two html pages – index.html and login.html. The index.html will form the base for all the pages if you’re looking to add more pages. Here is the code for index.html.

The next thing that you have to do is create login.html.

Once, you have done the above, the  next thing that you need to do is configure Angular modules. The first thing that you need to do is create app.js.

2. Configure The RESTful Web Service

Once, you have created the app.js, you will have to create a js file for the LoginController. The LoginController js file will have the REST url which will be called.

Next thing that you will need to is create a package and class in java that will be able to receive the REST call. Here is how I have created one.

Also remember, that to RESTful Web Service to work, you need to configure the web.xml so that your application is aware about your REST url and the Java class which will handle all the REST calls. Make sure you have the correct class in web.xml else the servlet will not work.

Here is how my web.xml looks like.

When writing the class which will handle all your REST calls, make sure you add the @Path annotation, so that your Jersey API (REST API which I have used here) can determine the root class.

Here is the RestLoginWebServiceResource class which will handle the REST calls.

3. Create A Pojo And DAO Class

Now that you have created the class to handle the REST calls, you will need to create a Pojo class for hibernate and a DAO class to validate the user credentials.

Below is how the DAO class will look like which is used to validate the user credentials.

4. Configure Hibernate

To configure Hibernate, you need to have a hibernate.cfg.xml. Since I have used a local Oracle DB, here’s how it looks.

You will also need to have a class which will create the Hibernate SessionFactory so that it can be used to connect to the DB.

If you’re curious about how the project structure looks like it will be something like this.

So, that’s it for this tutorial. If you’re interested, you can download the project from this link.

Have already used Angular JS with RESTful Web Service ? You can share your views in the comments below.

Proven Strategies For Marketing Business Online

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Proven Strategies For Marketing Business Online

Understanding how to marketing business online with free or limited budget is one of the challenges most entrepreneurs are faced with today.

Marketing strategies are plan of actions set in place to advertise, promote, and sell products or services to your targeted consumers.

Having your business succeed in this present economy condition, you need to put a good online or internet marketing strategies in place. These strategies are quite effective only if you understand what you are doing.

When it comes to Marketing business online or promoting any business especially you should put various marketing strategies in place because the battle to remain St the top is though.

To Market business online is the fastest way to communicate the right message to your targeted market. However, you have to define who your prospects are and then iterate the best way to reach them.

What is Target Market ?

Identifying your target market is the first step to the success of your product or business. Target Market are the group of people who are willing and  interested in paying for your products, goods and services.

Understand that your target market has to do with particular group of consumers at which your product or service is aimed.

Also know that target marketing involves breaking down the entire market into various segments and planning marketing strategies accordingly for each segment to increase the market share.

How to Identify your target Market: (Who, What, Why, How)

Every successful business owner out there in one way or the other researched and gathered information about his market. This step shouldn’t be like business plan you do once and then never revisit.

For the success of your business, you’ll always need to be thinking about how to better understand your ideal prospective customers.

Do a study to be able to identify who your ideal customer is, where they live (or buy), what motivates them to make choices, and how they behave, or the steps they take in making a purchase.

Having said that let us look at what you need to know in identifying your target market.

Who: Demographics

The first question to ask is, who needs your product or service? The ‘Who’ Include basic demographic details such as gender, occupation, age, family size, and educational level.

Where: Geo-graphics

The second question should be, where are your customers? Identifying the places your potential customers can be found is the key. 

Also learn the details of the geographical area like the size of the area, its population density, and its climate. Your potential customers are more likely to live in suburban areas of big cities with slightly above average median incomes.

Why: Psychographics

Figure out the reason your customers make the choices they make. With this approach you capture their personality and lifestyle information that will help you know your customers’ buying patterns.

If, for example, people by digital information products, you can figure out how much of your own digital products they can buy.  With the information available to you, consider what to do to outshine your competitors probably be adding special incentives.

How: Behaviors

The fourth thing to do is to find out how your customers behave.  All customers are buying products to fulfill a need, but how do they regard that need? How do they regard your product? How much information do they have on this need or how your product fulfills it, and what are their information sources?

Effective Ways to Marketing Business Online

In this section we are going to discuss different ways to adopt in marketing your business online. The application of what we are to discuss below applies to any country in the world.

Build/ Have Your Website

The first step in pushing your business/product online is through your own site or other blogging platforms. Let your presence be registered online.

Bill Gate once said ‘any business that is not online is already a dead business’. That is to say that having your own website is a great way you can market your small business online felt online.

Look around you will notice that many businesses have a website/ blog . The essence of the blog for your site is to help your credibility and authority.

However,  If you have potential clients and your target market can be found online, then consider starting a blog. I advise you go with WordPress since is the best blogging platform especially for beginners.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, it runs the risk of losing traction organically on mobile devices, which is dangerous considering nearly 60% of all searches done on Google are made from smartphones. If you still have not updated your website for the new era of digital marketing, it’s time to get moving

Uptimize Your Site For Site Engines (SEO)

This is the second most important thing do do after you have launched your business website.

The most inbound marketing campaign you can manage is the digital environment is Search Engine Optimization.

Optimizating your website has to do with improving that aspects of your website that contribute to traffic and conversions. Remember that traffic comes from good search engine, both paid search, paid social, organic social, and other sources.

For marketing your business(s) online you need to optimize your site for your specific audience.

Search Engine Optimization known as SEO is the process of increasing a website’s ranking for relevant keywords on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other.

Utilize Local Listings And Citations

It’s important that as an entrepreneur you get your business listed correctly and consistently on top online business directories. You can look out for sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle, Citysearch and others to see how they work .

You can use local listing site depending on the nature of your business. For example, restaurants, storefronts or services areas have the most to gain when it comes to optimizing local listings.

Google report reveals that roughly four out of five consumers use search engines to conduct local searches. Even with this finding, many businesses have not claimed a single local business listing online, which is a huge missed opportunity.

Below are some of the listings very important if you’re looking to master local SEO:

  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare
  • Trip Advisor
  • Yellow Pages
  • Facebook
  • Bing Places

Should in case your business does not serve customers locally, you should  optimize Google My Business in case users try to find your contact information on your website.

You will also seek for respectable local directories to get your business listed on. Also endeavour to check local newspaper websites and Chamber of Commerce to see if they have a local business directory you can get listed on.

You could as well search for keywords like “[your city] directory” to find other local citation sites or directories.

Meanwhile, add your our business name, address and phone number on these major citation data aggregators InfogroupNeustarAcxiom and Factual.

While adding your business to citation data aggregates, make sure that discrepancies like misspellings, abbreviations, lack of suite number and wrong phone number are avoided. If not Google will display incorrect information — or not show your business at all in search results.

Leverage On Forum Marketing

The cheapest tools for learning more about customers who already use your products and services is social media, with Internet forums being one of the more dependable tools for gathering information

Online forum is a cheap way to market your business, for instance, if you have a ‘wine shop’ and someone demand to know in the forum about where to get the best wine shop in your locality. An opportunity calls that you help the person by answering the question and directing him/ her to your shop.

Note that different online forums have their different rules. So, before you start any business promotion on the  platform read their rules and regulations.

Study by Awareness conducted in 2012 revealed that one-third of marketers are looking to social media and Internet forums as the platform of choice to reach customers. Also a content marketing firm in Long Beach, Calif called Nativo says that 20 percent of Americans use forums to discuss and recommend products.

There are forums that give room for registered members to advertise. What to do here is to find forums around your target market, register a free account and start making posts.

Reach Out to Social Media Influencers

Research revealed that reaching out to social media influencers can help in achieving two different objectives. These objects are to  increase brand awareness and earning valuable back-links.

People tend to trust more on what other people have to say about a particular brand/product  and this is why influencer marketing has become such a powerful and effective marketing strategy to grow businesses.

However, anytime a social media influencers recommend your product or brand to their followers, they become an extension of your company’s marketing department.

Reaching out to social media rock stars and  popular bloggers will definitely give you the inside track to accessing your niche audience in particular channels. For instance, Instagram influencers monetize their following by publishing photos related to the particular brand, earning a relatively big check for promoting Fortune 500 brands.

What we are saying here is that when you align your brand with an influencer, you are positioning your product or service for display to his or her already-established large network of individuals who trust what that influencer has to say.

Create Community on Social Media and Establish Your Presence

A lot of business owners are beginning to utilize social media to connect with their target audience. This can be can be achieved in a myriad of ways on each of the major social media platforms.

Deciding on the platforms when it comes to using social media for marketing, it’s imperative that you understand your target audience and where they interact most.

Here is a quick overview of the leading social media channels:

Currently, Facebook is the largest and the most widely adopted social media website, that is to say that you’re likely to find a good amount of potential customers by marketing through this platform. Facebook advertising is also second to none.

Twitter is also an excellent vehicle for customer service management and discussions. This medium could be used to either generate leads, push users to a website, or respond to questions/comments.

This platform provides as well the best opportunity to engage in one-to-one discussions with followers, all social media marketing channels can be utilized to build a dedicated following.

Instagram is also good when marking business online since is photo-driven, which gives ecommerce businesses a prime opportunity to showcase products. This social media platform allow users to post short videos which is equal good for Local businesses to capture foot traffic.

Pinterest is considered a search engine and social media platform hybrid, which provides ecommerce brands with a powerful tool for traffic generation while Snapchat skews more to the younger audience. Snapchat, therefore, can be helpful for business brands to generate brand awareness. Making do with its sponsored geofilters can give local advertisers an opportunity to reach niche audiences.

The leading professional social media platform for now is LinkedIn and can prove advantageous for both lead generation and recruiting-based campaigns.

In case you’re just getting started with digital marketing, it will be necessary start marking with your existing social networks to build your initial foundation, using word of mouth and referrals to increase follower counts.

Having said these,  you must understand and learn the bootstrapping strategies to building your business. With that the little capital invested in the business will not be a waste.

About The Author :

My name is Victor and I am blogger with over 3 years experience in writing. I blog at

You can connect with me on facebook and twitter @agvictorplanet

8 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Web Design Project Is the Best Option

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8 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Web Design Project Is the Best Option

For any business, today, having a website is not a matter of luxury but a necessity. Any business is it small, midsize or large a workable website becomes the front face from where customers gain trust to deal with your business. No matter how much technical knowledge you may be having but if you try designing the website on your own then it will consume almost all your energy to make the most flawless, workable and smooth running. Forget designing the website which requires coding knowledge, even a simple task of designing a logo will be the most time-consuming task ever. Considering these facts businesses outsource their website design project to a web design company in India.

While assigning the project to the web design agency you can expect professionals working on your website who are experienced in providing custom web design services to customers across the globe. Moreover, they consider all the possibilities of the on-going trend and offer responsive web design services with excellent UX / UI Design Solutions and hence your new site will be compatible with almost all the devices.

Apart from all these, what else can one expect from a Web Design Company?

1. Access to Focused Services

No matter what is the size of your business small or large there are certain business aspects one need to keep in mind. Creating a logo by keeping in mind the business offering, vision, and long-term mission, choosing a theme for the logo and the website, there is a lot more to do with the website. It is advisable to let domain experts handle all that as you have many other things to attend to i.e. thinking out strategies to increase sales and expand the business.

2. Affordability of the Project

Hiring dedicated employees to work on your website or setting up an in-house team can prove to be too costly. In fact, a lot of businesses simply outsource their project as they think hiring local web developers is completely worthless. Employees who work on a contractual basis or short-term project basis fall into the same category.

When you outsource the project you need not worry about the infrastructure, worry about system license, arrange workspace or any other operations cost. In fact when you outsource you pay considerably less amount.

3. Knowledge about the latest tools and technology

When you outsource your web design project to a professional website development company you can be confident of experts handling your project who know the industry in and out. Hence you will get the best advice and the latest technology as they strive to improve their domain knowledge. They even invest time in educating the client.

When you choose to go with custom web design services from website design companies you have the choice to employ a person or team who has an excellent portfolio. This gives you more confidence as you know developers of what calibre will be working on your project.

4. 24/7 Support

When you opt for custom website design services from web development companies they often extend an additional assurance of support even after the completion of the project. These additional benefits can be discussed right at the time of finalizing the contract so that you do not have to worry that there is no assistance at the time of need. You can ask 24/7 support for free or at a discounted rate. This saves you from all the worries about anything even a small modification from the scratch can be taken care of without any panic.

5. Hire Domain Experts

An expert who works remotely can also be assigned who is an expert in his domain and can monitor the development. The domain expert who is experienced can guide the developers to avoid mistakes which they usually make. This saves a lot of your time and unnecessary stress which you might experience otherwise.

6. Business Expansion

Hiring remote team also helps you to establish new business opportunities in new territories. When you regularly interact with the new team you can prompt possible scope of business in their region. This opens up new horizons for your business to reach a wider audience.

7. Maximize Resources

Probably you might try your hands on making a brand logo but the technical aspects of your website might not be your cup of tea. When you outsource your project to a web design company they take up the ownership of catering to your entire requirement including designing the wireframe, front-end and back-end development, logo designing and much more. Since they have taken the charge of facilitating you with all the services, they undergo the tiring process of hiring talented resources to complete your job. Hence they take up your entire headache. Just share your requirement and its pain to get it done in set deadline.

8. Guidance on the right technology

When you outsource your project you can rely on them for technology-related guidance. You can freely interact with the development team regarding the UX/UI design, the technological aspects and have regular brainstorming sessions. You will get time to interact with a team where there are QA’s, PM’s, Marketers who will help you with a great website.

Key Takeaways:

Out of the many reasons that we discussed above the three important reasons why you need to outsource are Domain Expertise, Affordability, and Flexibility.

Why would you want to pay more for a service which you are already getting at a nominal cost and without any additional investment? In the end, you need to figure out your business need and make sure your business has a positive impact. Along with that, we are confident that all the reasons that we discussed above will help you determine the right choice for you.

Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd is an India and USA based Website Design Company. We believe in delivering services to our precious clients rather than speaking words. Our proficient web developers and web designers deliver high-quality work. Our key objective is client satisfaction, and we work hard towards our commitment. We offer high-end web development solutions which are responsive and meet all the present day requirements of the industry.

Author Bio:

Nishant Desai – Digital Marketing Strategist at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. I love to write about the latest trending updates, WordPress, Web Design, SEO and other interesting information. I believe in Learning, Sharing and keep growing together.

10 Ways To Make More Money Regardless Of Your Current Income

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10 Ways To Make More Money Regardless Of Your Current Income

Everyone can use a little more money. We all have debts to pay off and vacations to save for.

You might think that your current salary is set in stone, but there are actually many ways to augment your paycheck regardless of your current level of income.

Here are ten of the simplest ways to make that extra cash you’ve been dreaming about.

1. Freelance

If you have a career that involves any sort of trade (or if you’ve developed trade skills outside your career), consider freelancing on your own terms on the side. There’s a huge market for writers, computer programmers, artists, and designers.

You can start off by posting yourself on any of the big job boards like Fiverr, but you may find it to be slow going at first. Try to land a few jobs through networking of your own so you have a portfolio to show off.

2. Complete Online Tasks

If you’re looking for a subsidiary income that doesn’t take a lot of legwork upfront, consider doing simple online jobs. Many sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk have job boards that you can take advantage of. Most don’t pay much, but they are quick.

You can easily bring in a few extra bucks during your free time without putting in much effort. And all those little payments add up over time.

3. Take up Tutoring

You may think you need a teaching license or expertise in some academic field to be a tutor, but you actually don’t. In fact, one of the fastest growing areas of online tutoring right now is English.

Many companies exist solely to help international children (and adults) practice their English. If you have a neutral accent and a good Internet connection, then it’s easy to sign up and set your own hours.

4. Increase Your Worth

Asking for a raise is a good way to up your income without having to put in more hours at your job. But if you’re like the rest of us, then you probably don’t feel comfortable just walking up to your boss and demanding more money.

Before you approach your employer with any grand ideas about your paycheck, make sure you have demonstrable evidence that you are worth more than you were on the day you were hired.

Place emphasis on achievements that showcase your potential value to the company long-term, like one of the following :

New Skills

Beefing up your resume isn’t just for job hunting. Tell your employer when you learn a new skill or gain a certification.

Examples of going above and beyond

Try to do more than you’re asked. If you can show a track record of extra work you’re more likely to get that raise.


Show your employer that you are the go-to employee for fixing problems and getting work done.

5. Begin Blogging

Have you got a passion that you’re aching to share? Blogging can be a great way to earn easy income on the side. Ad revenue is the easiest way to make passive money off a blog, but many bloggers make cash from sponsored content, guest posts and endorsements.

It’s a wide world out there for blogging, though. You’ll fare better if you pick a niche and corner it rather than diving straight into something broad. Don’t set up Generic Travel Blog number 580,000. Instead write about something specific, like traveling around the world with small children. There’s always room to broaden your scope marketing

6. List on Airbnb

If you’re comfortable rooming with strangers, then Airbnb can set you up. You can post that spare bedroom all year round or just for a weekend here and there.

It’s very little work on your part, and you get to charge rent. You can make a lot or a little depending on your home and where you live. Some folks have even been able to make their way up to earning more than $10,000 a month, which is incredible for an opportunity that’s relatively passive.

7. Write an e-Book

Got a story you’re dying to tell? Or perhaps you’re an expert on some skill or topic. Whatever your niche, there is room for your e-Book out there.

You can publish your book online for virtually nothing. It’s a lot of work upfront, but if you market yourself well, you can have passive income set up for months, or even years.

8. Carpool

If you’ve got a reliable car you can work for a rideshare company like Lyft. You can set your availability and how much you want to work.

9. Give Etsy a whirl

If you’re the crafty sort, you can try selling your talents on Etsy. This is a little more labor-intensive than most of the other suggestions on this list, but since the shop is your own, you’re beholden to no one. If you don’t have time to make anything for awhile, then you simply mark that on your storefront.

10. Give Your Opinion

Online surveys and focus groups sometimes offer money or gift cards for participants. The best ones are usually only available in person, but if you don’t live in a big city, you can still find plenty of opportunities online.

Author’s Bio:

Christine Yaged is a co-founding partner and Chief Product Officer of FinanceBuzz. Christine launches and scales brands. She is passionate about technology, digital marketing, and people.

How To Setup A Local Oracle WebLogic Server On Windows (Step By Step)

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How To Setup A Local Oracle WebLogic Server On Windows (Step By Step)

Oracle WebLogic Server is one of the most popular Java EE application server. If you’re looking to develop an application that is designed to run on Oracle WebLogic Server, the best way to test your application would be to run it on your local PC.

Here is a step by step guide on how to configure Local Oracle WebLogic Server on Windows.

1. Download The Installer

The first thing that you need to do is download the installer from this link. Make sure you accept the License Agreement and then download the Generic installer.

oracle weblogic server

2. Extract The Installer

Once the download of the installer is complete, extract the zip folder where you will find an executable jar file. The next thing that you need to do is run this jar to initiate the installation.

oracle weblogic server

3. Starting With The Installation

To initiate the installation process, you need to open the Command Prompt in Administrator Mode. After that go to the path where the installation jar is present.

Before starting the installation process, you will need to setup some environment variables so that installation can start. Please note that Java JDK path may differ.

Run the below commands to get started with your installation.

oracle weblogic server

Once the extraction is complete, you will get an installation wizard like below.

oracle weblogic server

In the Installation Location, select the directory where you want to install the server. By default, it will be “C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home

In Installation Type, select WebLogic Server.

oracle weblogic server

Once the above steps are completed, proceed with the installation. Once the installation is complete, you will get a display like below.

oracle weblogic server

4. Configure The Oracle WebLogic Server

Once the installation is complete, you will need to go ahead the make the configurations based on which the server will run on your local PC. Clicking on Finish should take you to the Configuration Wizard.

oracle weblogic server

If it doesn’t, then you will have to manually run the Configuration Wizard.

Go to this path – “C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\oracle_common\common\bin” (the base directory might differ based on the directory you have chosen during installation). Run the file “config.cmd” in Administrator Mode. You will get a wizard like below.

If it’s a fresh installation, then you will need to create a new domain. You can also update an existing domain from here.

oracle weblogic server

In Templates, just go with a Basic Weblogic Server Domain.

In Administrator Account, select the username and password that you want to use to login to the WebLogic console.

oracle weblogic server

In Domain Mode and JDK, select either Production or Development depending upon the type of project. For JDK, you can give a different path, if you would like to use a different JDK other than the default one.

Next thing that you will need to do is Advanced Configuration.

oracle weblogic server

In Administration Server, select the port on which you want to run your Admin Server. Default port is 7001 and there’s no harm in leaving it as it is.

oracle weblogic server

If you want to create a Managed Server, then you can do so in the very next step. Make sure the port is different from what you have given for the Admin Server.

oracle weblogic server

In Machines, create a new Machine so that you can run the Managed Server. Leave the port 5556 as it is.

oracle weblogic server

In the next step, assign both the Admin Server and the Managed Server to Machine1.

oracle weblogic server

Leave the rest as it is and create the configuration.

oracle web logic server

Once configuration is complete, you will get something like the below. You can ignore “Lenovo-PC”. That is just the name of the PC which the configuration wizard picks up. We will use “localhost” instead in the URL.

oracle weblogic server

5. Starting The Admin Server

Before you can access the Weblogic Console, you will need to start the Admin Server. For this, you will need to execute “startWebLogic.cmd” in Administrator Mode from “C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\user_projects\domains\base_domain“.

Check the new Command Prompt that appears. Wait till it shows the server is in running state. After that, use the url http://localhost:7001/console to login to the console using the credentials which you had provided earlier.

oracle weblogic server

If you see a screen like below, it means that you have successfully logged in and also your Admin Server is properly setup.

oracle weblogic server

6. Start The Managed Server

Now that the Admin Server is running fine, next thing that you need to do is start the ManagedServer1. If you go to Environment -> Servers, you will see that the ManagedServer1 will be in SHUTDOWN mode.

Before starting ManagedServer1, you will need to start the Node Manager. This is because without the Node Manager, ManagedServer1 will not be able to communicate with Machine1 which was created earlier. You will get an error like below.

oracle weblogic server

To start the Node Manager, run the “startNodeManager.cmd” in Administrator Mode from “C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\user_projects\domains\base_domain\bin“.

Once the Node Manager is up and running, start the Managed Server. To start the Managed Server, go to the “Control” tab right next to “Configuration”. Select the Managed Server and click on Start.

Once the Managed Server is up and running, it will look something like this.

oracle weblogic server

After the Managed Server is up and running your Local Oracle WebLogic Server is fully functional. You can then deploy your code on the ManagedServer1 and do as much testing as you want.

So, that’s it for today’s tutorial. Stay tuned for more.

If you’re already using WebLogic, you’re welcome to share your views in the comment section below.

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