How To Write Content For Your Website That Converts Readers Into Customers

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How To Write Content For Your Website That Converts Readers Into Customers

Writing highly relevant content that gets the exposure it deserves is no longer as simple as it was. Nowadays, readers expect full UX implementation in the content they digest online.

And while user experience does make a difference in context, it’s also important to convert those hits into recurring followers. Let’s take a look at several ways in which you can write better content that can help you convert more readers into loyal customers.

converts readers into customers

1. Plan SEO in advance

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but planning SEO in advance does help a lot. Search Engine Optimization represents all the rules and regulations set in stone by Google.

While these regulations change with trends (like keywords and popular search terms), some of them are passive in nature. There are several SEO elements to consider when planning your next batch of content:

  • Which keywords are trending in your niche? Can you implement them into your headings and subheadings?
  • How many image files do you intend to post with each article you write? Can you lower the resolution and size without losing the overall quality?
  • Do you have a database of existing articles, blog posts and pages to link to? Interlinking can help your SEO and conversion rates a great deal.
  • Is your site responsive and ready for smartphone devices? These devices have varying displays and browsers, making it important for you to design content with their limitations in mind.

2. Keep your audience in mind

The best way to engage your audience and convert them into followers or customers is to place yourself in their shoes. The UX writing trend that’s taking over the industry revolves around careful planning and consideration of the end user’s needs. If you write about a topic no one cares about, your conversion rates will reflect that.

Alternatively, you can use writing or a localization service online to adapt your content to your audience. Some of them include FlashEssay, Stepes, and These platforms provide professional writing help to anyone in need of content curation and writing in general. Choose the one that best suits your needs for the maximum effect on your conversion rates.

converts readers into customers

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3. Use website topic clustering

A good way to keep track of your content and invite more people to join you is by creating clusters. Topic clustering is a new SEO tactic that allows you to create predetermined content based on a single topic.

For example, your site may operate in the graphic design niche, so you may want to talk about book design for several consecutive weeks. This will create a topic cluster of interconnected articles and pieces of content that audiences can follow along with easily.

Topic clusters are a good way of making sure that people stick around with your website and interact with your products or services. However, make sure to stay on topic when building your cluster – it can be tempting to change topics mid-cycle, which won’t bode well for your SEO or conversion.

4. Create a customer’s journey

Raising your conversion rates is all about increasing the appeal of your content for the audience. You can do this in several ways, but the most important aspect of it is found in the User Experience design methodology.

Customer’s journey represents the literal journey your visitors go on once they reach your website. The journey starts with their discovery of your site and ends (and begins again) with their purchase of your products or services. Whether you are the site’s owner, a content creator or a CMS administrator doesn’t really matter.

In the words of Chris Mercer, founder of Citatior: “We are all responsible for creating the perfect union of quality content and memorable customer’s journey for our readers.

You can affect the customer’s journey of your site even in the tiniest ways that will ensure visitor retention and eventual conversion.

converts readers into customers

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5. Keep it simple silly (KISS)

Appealing to the larger demographic may seem like an overreach to the untrained eye. However, one of the most effective ways of ensuring visitor conversion is to keep your content simple (at first).

The more people are able to understand and identify with your content, the more likely they are to stick around and pitch in. Targeting a niche audience from the get-go might lead to the creation of a very healthy and active community but it won’t continuously raise your conversion rates.

“Make sure to simplify your content as much as possible and use proper formatting techniques. These include subheadings, bullet points, list-type articles, and other easy-to-digest content,” explains Jessica Fender, the chief content manager at Online Writers Rating.”

Once you are satisfied with the built-up community, you can start narrowing your content’s field of interest in the desired direction.

Continuous conversion (Conclusion)

Writing content that converts is an ongoing project. You should constantly pay attention to your content’s performance as well as any feedback given by your readers. Trends change in every industry, especially when online SEO is involved. Stay ahead of the curve and your conversion rates will reflect that effort.

Author’s bio :
James Scott is an independent blogger and a marketing consultant to small businesses. He is especially passionate about team building and management, having run his own company for a number of years.

How To Boost Online Branding with Full Press Release Distribution

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How To Boost Online Branding with Full Press Release Distribution

One of the primary goals of new businesses and startups is to generate buzz about their new company. Online branding is very important to generate attention, leads, sales and trust.

With full press release distribution, you can acquire and establish your branding when done the right way. It’s not an overnight work. You need to concentrate on distributing newsworthy and relevant releases for you to do that.

Let’s first look at the definition of brand to understand completely how we can improve your online branding.

What is a brand ?

A brand is a “trademark” that one company represents and distinguishes them over the other. It can be a symbol, design, feature or name.

Your brand stands for what you are. When people hear your brand, they should have one thing in their mind, and it’s you.

In a recent study done, 75 percent of business respondents believe that releases are important in promoting public awareness of their brand. Distributing releases via newswires places releases across different channels at different times.

For instance, local media publications search for releases that are relevant to their area. Online sites syndicate it in different platforms.

Business owners or marketers can publish it on their own website. They can share it on their blogs and other social media profiles that give it a social boost.

Not only that, when optimized, it reaches the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). It promotes a brand’s visibility which means that more people can access the news.

“Your brand is your customer’s perception about your business.”

What Releases Can Do Now ?

In the past years, it is used to generate press attention for a brand’s new offering or announcement. Today, it is used to promote conversations across different channels.

It makes it possible for brands to communicate with their target audience directly. It’s something that facilitates conversations between companies, the media and audience.

Since releases are now designed to be shared across different platforms, it is easy for people to see it. With keywords and links, it becomes visible in the SERPs. When distributed, newswires offer a feature of social media sharing that lets the audience share it in their social media.

However, not all marketers and webmasters believe that releases are capable of producing these benefits. In fact, they think that it is not useless and “dying.”

With modernization, it has evolved to be more visible and useful for online marketers. Using distribution services, it can circulate around the internet and reach more people.

It has become easier for business owners to promote their business. Millions of people prefer to consume their news online. Getting news has never been easier for them.

Marketers are able to promote their business far and wide. Using their own voice and message, they can reach consumers who are impossible to reach without releases.

With the help of online distribution sites, businesses can now be seen by a lot of people, even they are just starting. It is especially beneficial for startups to gain media coverage and exposure for their new business.

New companies looking to gain exposure can acquire it through distribution. It is a quick way to boost brand awareness and sales, something that not all businesses realize.

press release distribution

How to use Release as Branding Tools

You can get your message in front of the audience who matters to you through releases. Journalists and consumers are able to know you and your offer straight from you.

Here are ways how you can use it to promote your brand:

1. Identify your target audience

The first step to build your brand is to know who you want to focus on. Who are the people who are going to receive your news?

You need to know them in order for you to tailor your goal. Identify your buyer’s personas. Are you eyeing to reach single mom, working mom, bachelors or elderly?

You should know their interests, pain points and buying behavior and style. By knowing these elements, you’ll be able to use your release in promoting your brand.

When you become specific with whom you want to target, you can customize your message effectively. Your message becomes crystal clear. By knowing your target, you can ensure that all your content and marketing efforts are built around them.

2. Be clear with your brand mission

You want to be exact with your brand mission in order to build your brand. This will guide how you are going to write your releases.

What is it that you want to accomplish? Determine the value that your brand can provide.

You need to identify the purpose of your business. It should be the basis for all your content marketing strategies.

When you know your mission, you can foster it in all your content. People will identify you for it. It can easily build your branding and position in the industry.

3. Be unique

When we say unique, you should never imitate what other brands are doing. You should create your own identity.

Knowing how other brands stand from the competition is important. You should always be competitive.

It is useful in creating releases because you can highlight how your brand and offer are different from others. By highlighting your strong points and how you stand in the market, you can promote your branding.

4. Know the qualities and benefits of your offer

How can you boost your branding if you don’t know what you can offer? When you know the qualities and benefits of your offer, you can incorporate it in your content to promote how unique your brand is.

Your audience can differentiate how your brand differ from others. And from there, it is easy for them to make purchasing decisions.

Ensure that you don’t list only features that your product or service can provide. Let your audience know how they can benefit from it.

5. Use your brand voice

Your releases should always manifest your brand voice. How do you want your audience to perceive you?

Do you want to be seen as authoritative, professional, thought leader, service-oriented, informative or promotional? You need to use a voice that resonates with your target audience. Use it in your releases.

Using the right brand voice in your content ensures that you connect with your target audience. It is important that you use the same brand voice in all your content distribution to attract consumers and potential buyers.

6. Be shareable

When you use press release distribution newswire sites that syndicate your releases, ensure that they offer social sharing feature. It lets the audience share your content in just one press of a button.

Your visitors can share your releases on various social media platforms and email it to their recipients. They can share it automatically on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, Google + or email it directly.

The more it is shared online, the easier for you to grow your brand. You can easily become viral. When this happens, you can instantly become popular in your niche.

7. Think about SEO

Although releases don’t provide any SEO value, it offers an indirect way to make your releases visible on the search engines. Whenever you issue newsworthy and relevant releases, Google and other search engines will love you for it.

Use keywords for optimization. It makes your release visible in the SERPs. People are able to find your site with an optimized release.

Moreover, producing great content attract other sites to link back to you. It produces organic link juices that make your content more visible.

8. Add multimedia

These days, when you distribute releases via newswires, they require multimedia elements to be embedded in the content. You can embed images or videos, which make your release more searchable.

Remember that people like sharing content with multimedia. It is the reason why they share it. Search engines like Google reward sites that offer useful and shareable content.

Images can appear on Google Images. It can put your content on top of the image searches. It’s the same as videos.

When people looking for similar content looks into videos, they are more likely to find you. This way, incorporating multimedia in releases can help build your brand.

9. You become a thought leader

If you distribute release via online distribution sites, you can highlight your expertise in your field. You can issue releases to show your prowess in your niche. Let’s say you are a fashion designer, you can talk about the latest fashion trends to help shoppers become aware and easily shop for the newest designs.

Doing this regularly can promote your brand as a trusted source of information. Journalists looking for sources to write can check on you each time. Making their work easier can easily position you as a great source of information. Not only that, buyers will refer to your brand before making buying decisions.

When you use distribution services, it provides a lot of benefits for your business that you wouldn’t find in other marketing channels. Startups and those that want to grow their brand can use it for this purpose.

It is the easiest and fastest way to use it as a modern “word-of-mouth.” Don’t forget that people refer to news or stories online as a source before buying.

An established branding builds trust. As soon people trust you, you can be assured that they love your brand, and everything comes into place.

About the author :

Fred Griffin is a marketing consultant, promotion specialist and content creating guru. He writes custom content for the internet offering solutions from creative digital marketing tactics to SEO and web design driven by results. He enjoys applying his marketing insight to overcome business stagnation, create growth solutions, and improve customer experiences.

3 Infinite Scroll Plugins For High Engagement Rates(WP)

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3 Infinite Scroll Plugins For High Engagement Rates(WP)

Low engagement rates  and high bounce rates: These are the two top most issues a new blogger has to tackle on a daily basis.

One smart strategy to keep the readers engaged and thus reduce bounce rate is to implement Infinite Scroll.

What is Infinite Scroll?

After a reader almost completes reading an article and reaches the bottom of a web page, more content is automatically loaded, thus encouraging the reader to read the next article; this is known as infinite scrolling.

For example, has implemented infinite scrolling. Just read any article and scroll to the end of the article and tada! The next article is already there for you to read!

Benefits of using Infinite Scroll

A few benefits of using Infinite scroll in your blog

  • Increase the viewer time on the site(High Engagement Rate)
  • Increase  conversion rates
  • More opt-ins
  • Better Sales. Sell more products
  • Infinite scrolling is mobile friendly as well

So how to implement Infinite scroll ?

If you are a WordPress blogger, you are in luck! There a few amazing infinite scroll plugins that will do the job right! Install the plugin and follow instructions as provided by the plugin developer.

Here are the best Infinite scroll plugins for WordPress bloggers. Enjoy.

#1 WordPress Infinite Scroll – Ajax Load More

As the name clearly suggests, this powerful plugin lets you create Ajax powered queries and then setup infinite scroll for posts, single posts, pages and comments based on the Ajax powered query.

Highlight of this plugin is a shortcode builder using whcih you can create complex custom WordPress queries. Once you do that, then easily integrate the generated short code  into your page using content editor. Or if you can code a bit, you can add the short code directly to your template files as well.

Good news! Ajax Load More is now available for endless scrolling in WooCommerce Stores. This would keep your would be customers glued to your product list, as your product catalog page loads more products dynamically. This plugin is multi-site compatible as well.

More Important Features:

  • Multiple occurrences of Ajax Loader:  Within same page or post 9or template as well), add multiple occurrences of same Ajax Loader short code.
  • Repeater Templates:  Extend functionality of this awesome plugin by coming up your own repeater template. This template can be edited in such a way to match the look and feel of your WordPress blog.
  • Query Parameters for different content types: – It lets  you query your WordPress blog using Post Type, Category,Post Format, Date,  Tags, Search Term, Authors, Taxonomies and so on. This way you can set up amazing mix of content that you want to load dynamically.

Pro Version: This plugin is free to use. It also has a Pro paid version. The paid version has more advanced features such as Filters(for building and managing Ajax filters), Advanced Custom Fields (infinite scrolling  for flexible Content, Repeater fields for Advanced Custom Fields),  Masonry layouts, display a Progress Bar with each Ajax request and so on.

Recommended WordPress Resources:

#2 DMD Infinite Scroll

Even though this plugin was developed for dynamic loading of WooCommerce products, it can now be used for any other posts as well. It permits Pagination of up to 10 sets of posts within  same template. It also features a “Load More” button to load more posts or products dynamically.

Feature Highlights :

  • You can customize your next page and previous page buttons with Infinite scroll and load more button.
  • If you have an WooCommerce store, page can be scrolled to the top, when the products container is refreshed with new products.
  • You can set a  Custom threshold or maximum limit for infinite scroll
  • You can have Custom JavaScript code executed, based on events. Ie: Either before or after posts(products) are loaded.

#3 YITH Infinite Scrolling

This is a simple, but effective plugin that can give a nice infinite scrolling effect for WooCommerce stores(Could not find documentation for posts infinite scroll).

Most  Ecommerce stores have a problem. When people search for something, products are listed across multiple pages.

Two Issues here:

  1. First of all,  people don’t browse all product pages from search  result
  2. Worse, they often lose track of which items they are interested in or even worse, forget the page in which they found them! Finally they may abandon and leave the site frustrated.

YITH Infinite Scrolling was evolved to solve this issue. Display more and more products in your product catalog dynamically as user tries to click on “Next”. This way user can still see all the products he has an interest. This strategy can sure improve sales.


  • Mobile Friendly. Infinite scroll works in mobile devices as well
  • Nice Transition effect when new products are dynamically loaded
  • WPML(WordPress MultiLingual Plugin) Compatible: Your store can now support multiple languages and YITH plugin is fully compatible with WPML.

Premium (Paid) Version: YITH has a paid version with better features.

Premium Features:

  • Add infinite scrolling to multiple sections
  • Manage each individual section using  its own option panel.
  • Customize “load more” button: You can set the label for the button and can apply better styles(css).
  • Page URL is automatically updated every time new elements are loaded using AJAX

More details and documentation can be found here.

Final Words:

We saw how important infinite scrolling is and how it can significantly boost your engagement rate. Big news sites like Forbes understood the importance of it and have implemented infinite scrolling. And for WooCommerce stores, this is “Must and should have” kind of plugin. It is surprising that despite a huge increase in number of WordPress blogs, only a handful have implemented this feature! So an infinite scroll plugin could be your secret weapon and implement it today.. I mean ..NOW.. Take action and reap the rewards!

Author Bio: Tom George is a freelance writer and webmaster, who loves to read and write articles on WordPress, web design and web development. You can find more interesting articles in his techie blog.

7 Ways to Accelerate Your Business & Online Marketing

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7 Ways to Accelerate Your Business & Online Marketing

The business world has grown at a large scale and everything comes with a great competition now. This is why; it requires careful planning and plotting to step into the world full of risks yet million dollars surprises.

To master the craftsmanship of great entrepreneurs, it is imperative to match up their level of expertise and marketing plans. For that, you must know what they do that you are missing out in your blueprints. Moreover, in the online world, it is not really a big deal to boost up your business as a lot of tools are available and social media provides huge support.  Here are 7 ways to boost your business via online marketing tricks:

1. Revamp Your Content Strategy

The content strategy revolves around the SEO—a major technique to success. SEO is the primary traffic generating technique that the content curators utilize for their business websites. You can opt for guest posting and partner with other websites to keep up your online business game.

Sell your products by link building and creating content that engages the readers more and more. The content must be informative and helpful. The more practical help your content will provide to the readers, the higher are your chances to win the market.

2. Don’t Skip on Email Marketing

In spite of huge social media success, email marketing can never be overlooked. Segment your emails and personalize them to promote your products and event campaigns. You should be an effective communicator with the potential attendees available online.

Email marketing is a great way to connect with the readers, keep them updated, and promote your products and services. However, make sure the emails are highly personalized and they are not annoying like the repeated product promotion emails.

3. Create a Blog to Stay Connected

Blogging is another essential tool to show your online presence and help your readers out. Through blogging, you can connect with the readers, buyers, or customers. You can help them out by providing them with life hacks to ease their lives.

Yet, it is crucial to blog often and to maintain a pre-defined blogging frequency to keep the audience within the loop. Hubspot mentions that companies that blog more than 16 times a month get 4.5 times more leads than the ones that post irregularly or rarely.

4. Create a Marketing Funnel

Creating a sales funnel is a systematic process to make people go from step one to final step, i.e., from being a regular visitor to becoming a customer. You can generate a specified number of sales by creating a particular number of visitors for the site. If you are unfamiliar, learn it at your earliest to boost your business.

5. Start Off with an Outstanding Web Design for Online Success

For a website, not only the content but the design matters a lot.

Web design, color schemes, logo design; and so on make a huge difference. They are your first impression creator on the readers. The web design can be in line with your logo design and the aim of your business.

Therefore, begin with a plan for your web design. Choose a responsive website design that will impress and attract visitors at the first sight.

6. Improvise and Ensure Quality by Keeping Everyone Updated

Usually, business owners fail to keep their employees updated of what their business idea is, what is their vision and target, and what they expect to achieve. This confusion often brings down the quality of your content and can affect business marketing. For that, process standardization is the best way to improve various aspects of your business. Moreover, keep improvising based on the visitor’s reviews as well as the reviews of your employees.

7. Take Assistance of Apps and Web Tools

To work efficiently, you need to pace up the game and invest in online tools and apps that can help your employees work faster. Use apps that will aid in marketing your business, and web tools that keep you updated about the market value of your business.

Final Verdict:

These 7 strategies are an essential part of online business marketing. They can work like magic when it comes to accelerating a business. It will not just increase the revenue but will eventually boost the growth of your business.

About the Author:

Mark Taylor is an IT enthusiast based in the USA. He is a professional web developer and has been covering web technology news for over five years. He regularly writes blogs at

7 Reasons Why You Need To Rethink Your SEO Approach

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7 Reasons Why You Need To Rethink Your SEO Approach

While the basics of SEO remain the same, the strategy itself has evolved considerably since it was introduced to the world of marketing. This is primarily because search engines have become more sophisticated and intuitive. Upgrades like RankBrain, Panda, Penguin, etc, have changed the SEO landscape considerably.

Unfortunately, Google’s changes mean your old SEO strategies won’t bring in the results you need. If your SEO hasn’t been providing the results you need, it is time to reconsider your approach. This article includes seven reasons why you should rethink your SEO approach :

1. You Focused on Keyword Density

Before the AI RankBrain was launched, people relied solely on keywords to get the results they needed.There was no intuitive, intent-based search available to them. That has changed with the introduction of AI, Machine Learning, and Intent-Based keywords.seo approach

If your content marketing strategy is still focused on keyword density, it is time to adopt a different route. Keyword stuffing or odd keyword placement can both have an impact on content quality. That affects user experience, which is the last thing you want in content marketing.

Instead of focusing on keyword density, focus on keyword research. Look at intent-based keywords or long-tail keywords. Be sure to use these phrases sparingly and ensure they fit in well with the content. Your approach to keywords must adapt to the change in user behavior.

People now speak to search engines through AI assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa instead of typing out search terms. By changing your approach towards keywords in content, you can get more visibility and have a better reputation.

2. Keywords in Title Tags

Most SEO-based articles and guides still recommend adding keywords to title tags. While this can help when done sparingly, it isn’t exactly necessary. You will benefit more if you have an attractive title and a great meta description. These two will encourage users to click on your website links.

Recent research indicates that some pages rank high on keywords that aren’t even mentioned in the title or content. This shows RankBrain works well to find relevant content without the assistance of keywords.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include keywords in your title tags, especially if they fit in well and make the title more compelling. However, there’s no need to include a keyword if you have a better option available without it.

3. Old-Fashioned Paid Backlinks

People are still buying backlinks from platforms like Fiverr and becoming a part of link farms. This strategy leads to nothing but trouble because of Google’s Penguin algorithm. This algorithm is specifically designed to target spam links in content.seo approach

Until Penguin’s 4.0 version was released, Google penalized spam links with negative marks.  Now it only ignores them and just penalizes links with exact match anchor words.But this doesn’t mean you can go back to adding spam links to content.

Many website owners have been 20 to 30 place drops in their ranking because of spammy links. Buying backlinks might help boost your ranking for a short period of time, but it is no longer a valid long-term strategy.

Penguin is now real-time and is part of Google’s core search algorithm. This means if you link spam, you’ll see a drop in your rankings sooner. It also means corrections will impact your rankings quickly as well.

4. Automated Content

Creating content requires effort, time, research, and dedication. Some people have found a way around it through automated content. These software applications generate copied and spun content. While this is an easier and quicker way to develop content, it will attract Google’s attention.seo approach

Content on the first page of SERP is always well-researched and in long-form. Google will penalize any spam content that doesn’t provide the valuable user experience. There’s very little chance of this form of articles and posts appearing on the first page.

The best way to create content is to research and write it personally. You can also hire professional content creators for the job for the best results. Avoid spammy, short-form content entirely.

5. Thin Content

Google requires a minimum of 300 words per page to rank a website. But that doesn’t mean you can get away from 300-500 word articles full of keywords. Such content won’t rank high and might even attract penalties from the search engine.

Google will let you know if your website contains a lot of “low-quality” or “shallow pieces” that don’t provide much value to the users.

It is important to create long-form content of at least 2,000 words. Most first page SERP results have an average of 3,000 words in their content.

All of this indicates that Google values long-form content with accurate informative over short-form content that doesn’t provide much value.

If you want to succeed in SEO now, you need to alter your content marketing strategy significantly.

6. Guest Blogging Get Links

Guest blogging is a great way to establish a good reputation in your industry. You can find a trusted website with a solid audience base to publish your content. This process helps establish credibility and brings your company more visibility. That is if you do it correctly.

Many marketers and business owners abuse this strategy to link spam. Google has issued stern warnings against this and will take action against misuse of guest blogging.

As long as you ensure your guest blog posts contribute towards user experience and provides accurate information, you don’t have anything to worry about. But if you post vague or “thin” content on other websites that aren’t even a part of your industry, you’ll face consequences.

7. Not Optimizing For Mobile

Did you know that around 80% of internet users use smartphones and around 27% use only smartphones? When you consider this statistic it is apparent that a website needs to be optimized for mobile users.seo approach

Despite this, many people don’t optimize their websites for mobile use and consider it a poor investment. Unfortunately, this can have an impact on your rankings. Google considers mobile-friendliness a ranking factor.

It is important to rethink and reevaluate your SEO approach regularly to ensure you can keep up with the industry. Search engines evolve at a rapid rate and marketing strategies must evolve with them.

Author bio:

Smith Andrew is a Jr. Content writer working with Ranking By SEO. In his corporate life he write many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many more.

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