How To Balance SEO And UX ?

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It’s been a long standing battle, the feud between if balancing SEO and UX is even possible. 2017 was a year where the user experience online and on mobile devices was vastly important. UX and SEO in their own ways have changed how we view the digital experience. But in many ways they can’t work together without taking something from the other. Which is why many designers and experts in the field have said over and over again that UX and SEO will never be able to find the perfect balance.

We believe there is a way to balance this system, it might take some adjustments and a bit of a learning curve, but there is a way that brands can benefit equally from both of these elements.

Why We Need Both SEO & UX

SEO generally are the words that are scattered across blog posts and websites to make your brand pop up in the web search feature of Google and other search engines. When you include enough of these words your SEO ranking will rise higher and higher. This brings in more individuals to view your blog and potential customers.

UX on the other hand stands for user experience, the features on a website that focus on making the customer or reader more comfortable with navigating the site. This can be anything from the site layout to customization features that make the user want to come back again and again to use the surface. You’ll find these functions in online stores and blogs!

How Design Plays A Part

Having smart design when it comes to your brand’s mobile app or website can completely change how the interactions between SEO and UX exist together. Having a meaningful experience and by also keeping your digital space simple, you’ll find that the balance almost comes naturally. For example, keeping your website simple, using easy to find navigation, maybe even a light box to prompt interaction with a newsletter or to showcase the latest blog. The blog will then have specific SEO keywords that boost how many people see the content. It all can work together to create an end product that isn’t cluttered or confusing when it comes time for the user to interact with the space.

Everything Is Mobile

Branch out! Start developing an app to increase just how much you can take advantage of the UX qualities on your website. By having an app or even reaching out on social media with your brand, you’ll be really be able to connect with the people who care about your brand the most. You would be able to offer exclusive blogs and other content you might find useful when it comes to your community. Offering personalized experiences that hit on keywords that will boost SEO rankings will also be possible when you outstretch your reach in the tech world.

How To Prevent Invisibility Online

There are specific ways to increase visibility without completely disregarding UX design. For example, when you have an infinite scroll on your blog, it might seem UX friendly and it typically is, but it can also make the rest of your keywords invisible through SEO. To prevent an issue like this, make sure you are aware of what certain UX designs can do to prevent SEO from being the best it can be. Exclude the infinite scroll and incorporate an easy to use page system that has an easy to use feel for the sake of SEO and UX design.

Keep The User In Mind

A key way to make sure that you can find the important balance between UX and SEO is to make sure you put the user first. Don’t force either element into your brand or blog if it’s not necessary. This will only confuse the user and turn them away from using your platform. But when you keep the user in mind you’ll be able to allow a natural flow into your designs and the words you choose to up your ranking!


Every brand is different, which means that every UX and SEO element to your brand will also be different. It takes some hard work to be able to reach that important balance between the two turning points for brands, but after some time you should be able to find what works for you and what naturally pushes your brand forward into success.

Whether you want to focus more on how social media affects your company or you want to rid your brand of design clutter, there will always be work to do, especially if you’re someone who runs a brand that constantly changes with every trend that pops up day to day. Stay ahead of the curve from now on with these simple ways to optimize your work while still being able to offer that smart personalized user experience.

What will you do to reach a larger audience? Will you be applying some of these tips to your content from now on? We’d love to know, comment below to share your thoughts!

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