Aadhaar Linkage With NSDC : A Dubious Move

NSDC or National Skill Development Corporation is a Private – Public Partnership that aims to promote skill development by targeting and cataloging people with different skills. Some of the biggest projects in the country are a result of public and private partnerships.

NSDC was first setup back in 2008 with the approval of Finance Ministry. It was aimed at providing different types of skill training to different groups of people and then employ them according to the training they enrolled for.

Aadhaar is mandatory for NSDC enrollment

The most shocking and unfair rule for enrolling in the program is to have an Aadhaar Card. In fact, it is mandatory. The move by the Government is not only baseless but it is also unfair. We are all aware that the process of issuing Aadhaar Cards has not been foolproof. In fact, there are quite a few shortcomings associated with the Aadhaar scheme. Some of them are more serious than others and they also raise concerns about National Security.


Linking Aadhaar Cards to education and skill development is not at all desirable, at least not in a big scale like this. Even though you are allowed to enroll for the program at the beginning without Aadhaar, but you need to submit it before the completion of the training. In fact, The Government has been so biased that, NSDC will only accept Aadhaar Card as a proof of identity and nothing else. Not only Aadhar Card is mandatory, you also need to link it to your Bank Account.

Below are the features and rules of the program :

  • Collect self attested Aadhar Card/ UIDAI copy from candidate at the time of enrollment.
  • Collect self attested copy of Temporary number issued on application for UIDAI number in case candidate not having UIDAI number however applied for it at the time of enrollment.
  • Candidate not having either UIDAI number or Temporary number issued on application for UIDAI number can be enrolled with written undertaking that he/ she shall apply for UIDAI number and submit self attested copy of Temporary number issued on application for UIDAI number on or before second day of training. However, candidates shall not be allowed to continue training after second day of training on failure to submit required documents by that day.
  • Aadhaar Card Is Mandatory (Without Aadhar Card Candidate Not Eligible For NSDC Project) Bank Account Link With Aadhaar

To be honest, the move itself is baseless and it doesn’t show equality. The move not only discards other legal documents like the Voter ID Card and Passport both of which validates citizenship but also deprives those who doesn’t have an Aadhaar Card.

nsdc certificate
NSDC Certificate Upon Completion

Mandatory Aadhaar Linkage to NSDC is discriminating in nature

Aadhaar Scheme was launched in 2009, just a year after NSDC. The true intentions of a creating a better governance was noble. However, like most other projects, corruption soon crept into the system. And one wrong decision after another soon led to a disaster.

The mandatory Aadhaar linkage is discriminating in nature and also unfair to those who don’t have Aadhaar cards. As per the rules above, even if you don’t have Aadhaar card, you are allowed to enroll but must have it or at least the temporary number issued to get the certification. The move deprives thousands of students from being enrolled into the program who don’t have Aadhaar cards.

The issuing of Aadhaar card has issues. Forcing students to get an Aadhaar is just baseless. Another important reason the move is useless even if you have provided Aadhaar as a proof of identity, you still need to show a proof of nationality. And for that, you again need to submit either your passport, voter id card or your ration card. The logic speaks for itself.

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Aadhaar as a proof of identity ( and nothing else ) is more important than documents like Passport, Voter ID Card and Ration Card which validates nationality and citizenship.



The conclusion that can be drawn from this dubious move undertaken by the Government is that the Government itself has lost track of what it wants to achieve with UID aka Aadhaar.

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