Ads : Why I stopped using them ? Ads are a relatively new advertising company. I think it was started in 2010 or something like that. The thing is even I got impressed with $2 RPM they were offering. I also wrote a review on it back at my old blog. Well, back then I didn’t know it would turn out to be something totally different.


So, what made me stop ?

In the first week, I started using them they were really giving $2 RPM i.e $2 per 1000 impressions. But there’s a catch. The traffic to your blog has to be from US, Canada and UK. Well, since majority of my blog’s traffic is from US. So, I started to make some money. In my first week I made $4.

I was really happy with the results because at that rate I would make around $16 per month.

But after the first week, the RPM started to change. It was going down. To my surprise, it went on become $0 after a week. The impressions were coming but, since the RPM was $0 so I wasn’t making money.

Here’s what I did.

I sent them an e-mail. They replied to me after two days. Their reply was that they were doing some experiments on my blog to see how I can optimize my ads to make more money. They also asked me to send them some of my main keywords to analyze the traffic coming to my blog.

I sent them some my keywords. I kept the ads even though I wasn’t making any money.

Again after two days, I sent them another e-mail to notify them that my RPM was still $0.

Their reply was that the RPM was dependent on the quality of traffic coming to my blog. It was an automated thing and they have no control over it. I was very frustrated after reading that mail. But still, I kept the ads for four more days to see if the RPM changed.

Since, I didn’t see any change so I simply removed their ads.

Here’s a screenshot of the report to make you understand what I’m talking about. ads


One of my very good friend Rahul Kar, who runs a Raspberry Pi blog also used ads for a few days. Something like this also happened to him. His RPM started from $2 but it gradually came down to $0. Here’s a screenshot of his report as well. ads2

Did something like this happen to you ? You are more than welcome to share your experience with us. Don’t forget to share it in the comment section.

Author: Lahaul Seth

A programmer and a web developer, he is the founder of Lion Blogger. His main hobbies are web design & development and providing freelance writing services to clients.He works full time as a Senior Systems Engineer at Infosys Ltd.

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  • There website also loads very slow thats a big no for SEO

  • ayulayol

    I tried to register my blogspot domain but they refuse my web for what kind of reason dosent show. No luck so far. If i knew is like your problems too. Small usd has been implement what a shock is that.

  • lol lolpk

    i want to sell non hosted Adsense account fully approved if anyone buy Adsense so contact me at here

  • I just wish that i had read this post earlier. I wasted so much time on this stupid program

  • hamad khan

    Thanks man you saved my time I was searching for media net revenue share & found your article

  • Day 1. 0 rpm. Day 2. 0 rpm. What’s the point of this?

  • Aman

    I am having same problem. Please help me
    My adsense is disable so which ad network I should use now?

    • xpdcpro

      try cpa.. like cpagrip..

  • thanks for sharing your knowledge

  • Marcus Joyce

    I’m doing 10k impressions per day on UK traffic and earnings are less than a dollar a day. I’m running them for another month but… I don’t hold out for much.

  • Right you all are. I had the same problem and removed their ads.

  • Debayan Kumar Das

    From today i RPM turned $2 to $0 !!! holy shit.Could it bet fixed by time?

  • I got an approved account..let see what happen

  • Jayesh

    I have also same issue. they offer 2$ per 1000 but after one week Media net page rpm start decreasing.

  • Funny everyone faced the same issue I’m now facing.

    These guys are so cunning! My traffic is up and even better now when I had an RPM of $2! Now? it’s at $0.18 or so for the past few days.

  • medchrome

    Same problem with me, I abandoned it totally as such.

  • lisa

    That is crazy. I have the same problem. When my page views tripled they stopped showing any revenue. That made me very angry. Also same reply to the email. Very frustrating. Did you find any other Ad network instead?

  • Zulus

    seems like the accounts that were closed were mainly from India, and if your traffic is INDIAN, you might as well get Adsense or make a website for USA, UK or Canada. I still have my 2buck high RPM and expect it to go down, but I won’t quit using the ads because Google Ads do not have relevant targeted ads for my 2 domains.. If I speak about psychology, they send ads for Trucks and Cancer meds…. Media Net will list books and websites that are targeted. I will use adsense on gaming related topics or finance related topics, since they are more targeted.

  • Same case here :/

  • its a fake company, the froze my account and payment.

    • Zulus

      Microsoft is a Fake company? lol If your views are from Asia like India, they will close it fast

      • Pramvir Rathee

        its not microsoft.

  • same the case with me..:P

  • This worries me because I see this has started happening. I’m gonna be pissed if I have to go remove all over my ads after taking the time to insert them… Not cool.. I will simply leave the ads thereto see if I come up from zero but only because I don’t feel like removing ads.

    • that’s exactly how i was thinking. Nobody has time to go back and pull all those ads. As long as its not hurting, I guess just leave them.

    • You need to come up with an ad serving management system. Look into dfp for publishers. I can change every add in my site in under 2 minutes because the dfp ads are hard coded and they pic up whatever ad codes you specify. So when i need to change add company i just go to dfp and never need to change a line of code on my site

  • Has anyone experienced an increase in bounce rate after using Media(.)net?

  • Sarah Rose

    The same exact thing happened to me – I was really excited because in the first few days I made 3 bucks, and since then nothing. Now that I’ve seen this I’m officially dropping them

  • balaji cute

    They Banned my account by saying low quality traffic, i had earned more than 1400$ for 6 months they never complained about it, just my earnings reached 800$ in one month itself, they banned me at the time of payment, really it was BS

  • It’s common that if you have high income in 1-2 month then they will reduce your income in next month later

  • John

    I use to have for 3 month.
    In first month i earn almost $150 and they add my payment via paypal in 30th , in second month $700 and the thirth $200 because of an issue of my site i lost a lot of traffic.
    The problem is that did’t pay me this 2 month and why..
    A lot of people take email for “low quality traffic” with no other explanations, and they give them 48 hour to fix it. What to fix i don’t now…
    Well in my case they give only 24 hour to fix the problem in 29th. I blocked 80% off my traffic and i let only USA traffic.
    Next monring my account suspented.
    I send email to my manager and in other 2 emails in media and guess what no answer for anyone. Nice scam.
    After that i talk with lot of people, who they got suspend, with that ridiculous email few days before the payment.
    If anyone of you have the same problem plz contact with me.
    We will complaint against
    We are more than 100 people now.

  • Thank you for sharing. May I know ever you comparing medianet and infolinks?

  • is not good and here’s why guys. gives you high rpm when you first start with them and once you made a good $700 with them, your rpm drop for no reason. I made $900 with them and the next month my rpm drop half. I brought in 246,000 impressions and only gave me $26. I see this company as a scam so I’m leaving them. Go to district ad’s they pay good!

    • Thank you so much for posting this editorial and for everyones comments. I put Yahoo media nets ads on over 100 pages on my website, the first day on three pages I earned over $8.00, then it dropped to a little over $3.00??? I emailed thier customer service and received the same vague answer…”Its the quality of your hits”…. according to my website statistics over 95% of my hits came from the US, Canada and UK.

      The amount stayed at a little over $3.00 for an entire year?? How can this even be possible if they are a legtimate business. I am taking, all of the Ads off.

      I am very grateful that you have taken the time to inform others as it confirms my findings, it seems they are getting Ad space for free, I don’t see how a company thinks they can stay in business by not being fair.

      I’m on the internet to help people, not to be taken adavantage of. Thanks Again

      • Webewanda, wow such a cute website you have 🙂

  • Media Dot Net isn’t that bad. I have been making good money with them for over an year. In an year I have made nearly $700 with Media Dot Net Ads.

  • Same happened to me brother i also applied for and they approved my application. i was quiet happy because at that time it was getting fame and they claim that they have high RPM rate. Initially for the first weak or about 10 days their RPM rates were high but after that it dropped to zero. I waited for a weak and after that i contacted them and got a reply from them our system is checking your website for best combinations and you will soon get high rpm rates again. After one or two weeks the RPM started to rise, then i thought they were right might their system was checking my site but the same story again started after 2 or 3 days it again dropped to zero. After that i got frustrated and removed their ads. Google is the Daddy of Ad networks and i think in recent coming years there is no competition for Google. I hope Google will approve my application on some day so working hard for it. Over all nice post , thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Happy Blogging 🙂

  • I have to agree it looks like is not paying closely to my normal page RPM which is between $16 to $24 per 1000 visitors using the big G…. With the Media ads I am getting about $0.10 for every 1000 visitors which plainly sucks… and is even possibly bringing my G ads revenue down, because people now have an alternative to click on…

  • TZ

    Our RPM averages $30-50 and total income about $85 a day. Only because the traffic is mostly from the USA, and all the traffic is in the loans niche. They don’t pay as good as Adsense for sure, but they pay better than any other CPC network we’ve tried. We still make far more from direct merchant deals and CPA deals though.

    Even Adsense doesn’t pay close to what CPA offers and direct merchant deals pay. For instance Pay-Per-Call. We make most of our money with Pay-Per-Call – BY FAR. There are merchants that pay $100-$150 dollars for a phone call over 2 minutes. Adsense and will NEVER compete with that kind of cash.

    • tomDJ

      TZ, which Pay-Per-Call – BY FAR program you are using bro, Its interesting to hear that paying better than adsense and Media. net.
      I think, its affiliate program.
      Media. net is surely a scam

  • roko

    Yes they are fraud. I have got first 4 day 2$ RPM and then zero. I have researched many blog about 95% people are saying Microsoft and yahoo becoming fraud.

  • has been excellent in our experience. It is definitely an excellent alternative to AdSense. In my experience the RPM has been $2 to $3.

  • I also faced this problem. I make $2 with RPM $2 in first week and then it goes down. It is ridiculous.

  • I am also faced this type of problem. My RPM was going down to zero. The most bad think I had experience that when I contacted them and asked why My RPM drop to zero, They deliberately Banned my account without any valid reason and did not replied my email. This is really ridiculous. By the way thanks for writing this:)

  • Well, wishing you the best, MoneyHomeBlog also compiled some excellent review on his blog, saying it plainly that is scam.

    But right now, am with Media and my account manager is great, answer me fast and has helped me activate several of my websites.

    • tim approached me to ask to become an advertiser on my two content websites earlier this year. I had the same issue as many other reports online. After a few months, my account is suspended, balance due frozen after 3 months. Roughly $100 owed to me from the previous month, but of course I can’t see the amount because they locked out my login and won’t respond to emails. Both my sites are 90%+ USA traffic and the rest mostly Canada/GBR. I have run other networks, including Adsense, for many years and never had so much as an inquiry, let alone a violation or suspension. This definitely reeks of scam. Honestly, I don’t mind being cut off as a publisher. Their RPM wasn’t all that great. I would like the money they owe me, though. Perhaps their business model only succeeds if they steal the last month of revenue from publishers? Fortunately I only had one test banner running on one site. On the other site I stopped my test after a few weeks due to very low RPM and mysterious missing impressions that were 15% lower than what I was sending them. Beware if you use Very suspicious business practices.

  • Me to, I got $2,4 for 3 days then drop to zero for next 2 weeks. Now I remove them from my blog!

  • i’m gonna try Medianet ads because I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I can get more earnings here compared to my adsense. My adsense earnings is very small, so I need to try alternative ad networks.

  • OMG i thought im the only one who experienced the initial $2 RPM. My First day reached only 1k impression as i implemented it quiet late but was able to get $2.00. Second day I was hoping i will get more as i reached 10k impressions but i received only $0.26 with a 0.03 RPM.

  • Alex

    I tried ads in mid-2013 on my site. Made about $4 with over 100K page views that month. Majority of earnings were in the first two weeks after which it went to near zero. The ads were generally off-topic and often didn’t honor my specified color scheme with purple backgrounds that I believe contributed to “ad blindness”. By comparison I earned about $1500 with Adsense that month. contacted me in Jan. 2014 promoting the new “premium display inventory”. I gave it a try for a few days, saw zero display ads and earned about 15 cents. They wanted me to run their ads for 3 weeks to “optimize” their algorithm. I asked them to close my account.

  • Seems like I am the only one making money out of 😛

    But, yes revenue is not that much as I would expect it to be. I guess because they use only text based ads that is why.

    I get around $80-90 per month out of it. Not a good amount considering that I get around 12000 pageviews per day.

  • Hi Lahul

    My experience with Media.NET is same as yours. I started using them back in 2012 on few of my blogs. Initially the RPM was really good but gradually it goes down to zero and stop using them.

    After few months i once again give them a try but the RPM was same i.e ZERO

    Recently i got an email from them, asking me to re enable the ads. They’ve committed me a good RMP. As per them they have worked out good RMP even for Indian traffic. Today only i re enabled Media.NET on two of my blogs. Lets see how it turned out to be.

  • Hello Please tell me, I want to apply for and I have about 1500-1700 visiotr/ day. is will best for me. Please suggest me . I am waiting. Thanks in Advance.

    • Yes you can try them to see how they work on your site.

  • When I saw your post my reaction was “Okay! That’s it! I am so done with ads!!!” I started using it since August 2013. I checked it last September 2013 and I still don’t have any revenue. I have 200-300 impressions per week and I got nothing. I have no plans of sending them an e-mail about how it goes… the comments in this post are enough to convinced me. I checked my account today and there’s no revenue at all. How is that possible? I run multiple ads from my site (other company) and I earn from CDM and CPCs. So I went to google and search if I’m the only one who’s experiencing this… turns out I’m not the only one. Thanks for this! 🙂 Time to remove the ads on my site. Bye!

  • I started adding ads today, I hope it will have good results

  • That’s very funny because the same exact thing happened to me! The first 3 days I was @ 2 cpm but then it started going down to and now it’s zero even though I send them over 2k impressions daily. Time to pull the plug.. You would think bing is trustworthy.. I guess there’s nothing like adsense.

  • Today i’ve got apporval from ! Let’s see how long it can survive on my site.

  • You are 1000% right dear same happening with me 1 month i have earned almost $20 and then 2 months just $2 + $3

  • Yes same thing happened to me also. After seeing my initial earnings ( just 4 days) i started to praise ads but sooner they turned the face against me and for last 3-4 days am getting 0 rpm and 0 earnings. i am quiet frustrated seeing this. Am looking forward to sent a mail to them. Yahoo + microsoft is turning to a big fraud system. Thanks for sharing this. I thought i the only one who was suffering from this. Thanks again howdy for sharing this .

    • I also was cheated by Every day I was earning 1 to 2 USD. After few months sud denly they sent me email saying due to low traffic and my funds frozen. I think are cheaters.

  • I placed ads on my website today, I am seeing 1890 impression but my RMP and Estimate Earning is zero still. Would any one let me know why this is happening? Should I wait few hours or days to see my earning or is their any technical issue? Thanks in advance.

    • The best bet would be to wait for a few days. But I’m not sure how they work now. I gave up on them almost a year ago.

  • the same thing happened to me.When i was new to this,i use to earn 1-2$ a day.But from few days,my RPM is 0 and earned 0.

  • The same thing happened to me. After one week my RPM has now dropped from 2 to zero. Personally I think, Something like bing or yahoo cannot be frauds. But can be. They are separate company. I think is purposely doing this for their profit. I am going to notify this to yahoo and bing.

  • i placed mu ads on my friend’s site and from last 3 months it is about 2-3$ per day..!!
    even my page rpm reached about 195$..
    don’t knw how it happens to u..
    but i knw i’m earning good from dis… :p

  • Well, I must say that it is working great for me ! I am earning 10$+ everyday. is really a good choice if you get high amount US an UK visitors.

  • Look, I thought the same thing when I started with They base everything on how much they are making and give you a percentage in the same way that Google will. If they are not receiving and quality clicks from your traffic then of course your RPM will drop. I know a few people that are banking serious money from them. I added them to a few of my sites. My lowest site is 1.03 rpm while my highest is 6.40. It all has to do with the niche you choose and the quality of your traffic. This is Yahoo and Bing. If you are able to get in now I think you will be very happy in the future when they have it all sorted out.

  • Same with me.. After 4 days, RPM goes down to 0. And I used it for more than a month but RPM was constantly 0..

  • Well, something like Microsoft+ yahoo can’t be fraud.. But yeah, they are new in this,,and the best thing is they are paying. One of my friend got paid from it. I has seen the amount in his paypal account. so thats not a matter. I am trying it and lets see what it comes to me.

  • I applied to a few weeks back and i was not accepted needless to say i felt bad but reading through this and other reviews i feel very happy as it would have been a waste of time. Thanks

  • I have been earning decent revenue through after reading the reviews on few websites,i am apprehensive about this Ad Network.Hopefully they don’t ban my website for unobvious reasons.

  • Yup I also faced the same problem , always 0.00 🙁 , now I will also remove it

  • I just request an invite on medianet. But your article makes me doubt it now, thanks for the info.

    • Different people have different opinions. You should give it a try for a month. then come to the conclusion 🙂

  • The Same story here too. I used on many sites at the beginning it looks gr8. but it goes down to 0.00$ RPM eventually

  • If you were still earning with them, they would have ban your account for ‘low quality traffic’ you can see my review and what they did to me after earning $500+ at review, i will be adding your link to the post very soon.

  • did you receive their cheque ? i heard they back of at the last moment when you almost reach the payout…what are your experiences

    • After a month or two of contacting, they agreed to pay me $230 or thereabout. but i sent emails almost everyday before i get my money. somehow, am still able to log in to my account but there is no money in there. i contacted them to either restore my money or close my account, but i never got a reply from them. is just plain scam.

      i hope they close down just like adbrite.

  • utsav

    hi i just got approved for ads. I have placed 3 units of the ads on every page of my site. they are there for about a week now. My website get about 3000 unique visitors per day and the ads get about 20,000 to 24,000 impressions per day. So far, my RPM has been between $1.50 to $3 and my daily income has been between $35 to $50 per day.

    I feel that as publishers, we deserve to know how many clicks the ads have received so that we know how many visitors we are losing and if that is even worth it or not. However, the system hides that from us. Google Adsense pays me about 4 to 6 times more per day than

  • Dave

    It use to be like that. But after partnering with Yahoo, the RPM going through the roof.

  • Yep..I got $4 when I stated with them but it eventually decreased to $0.2,SO i removed them

  • I rejected from adsense… So I have to adopt with new ads company… Pls suggest any good ad network..

  • I am also facing the same problem like you. I gave them mail the day before yesterday and they suggested me to add 300×250 ads in sidebar. So now waiting to see whether there is any change.

    • Well, in my case they gave a very stupid reason. I haven’t heard from them since. Any way, good luck to you and I hope everything works out for you with those ads.

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