How Blogs Can Help To Grow Your Business ?

If you had asked people many years ago what blogging was, they would have just told you that it was the techies’ new way of keeping a diary and hiding it from their parents’ prying eyes. While it is true that blogging really was considered a popular way to write, it’s not really the only thing that it can do now. Blogging as a business has been becoming popular nowadays. Here’s how blogs can help to grow your businessHow Blogs Can Help To Grow Your Business

Believe it or not, even the simplest thing such as blogging as all the power to help you boost a business and ultimately succeed. Sounds impossible, right? Well there are many things in the past that they said are impossible that are now part of our daily lives. But let’s get back to our real topic, how exactly can blogging help you succeed in business?

1. Build Relationships

First and foremost, a blog is one of the most perfect ways to build relationships with people on the Internet. Since the rise of technology, not too many people actually exert the effort to go out the house and shop for what they want. Why should they when they can do that using the Internet ?

Each day, there thousands to millions of people using the Internet to look for what they want and need. Blogging gives you an opportunity to reach out to those people and establish some sort of professional relationship.

2. Become a Professional

Secondly, blogging can improve your image and project you as a professional in your chosen field. One of the biggest tips that people are given when it comes to purchasing or availing a service from the Internet is for them to study the website carefully – this includes your blog being inspected.

When people see that you have a credible blog account and that you are offering legitimate and honest information to your customers, the more they will respect you as the entrepreneur that you really are.

3. Make your Blog a Selling Point

Next, you can use your blog to attract visitors to your site. Just like books are judged by the cover, job seekers by their resumes, often times, your blog is your “selling point” when people see that you have a great blog that provides good and useful information, they will be compelled to check out where this is all coming from. Hence, they visit your website.  It’s also a good way to tell your existing viewers about any events, specials or promos that you might be having.

Blogging is an effective way to reach out to as many people as possible, too. With the number of people that use the Internet every day and with the number of people that read blogs and have them, there’s definitely a great potential for gathering a big audience.

4. Develop Personality

Last but not least, blogs help you give your business a personality. If you try to manage a business without a blog to accent it with, it might tend to become boring, especially if you are selling or How Blogs Can Help To Grow Your Businessoffering a very technical service. Blogs somehow help you “lighten the mood” and give your audience something fun to check out. After all, a business is not fun if it’s always serious. You need to support it with something that will keep your audience and your customers engaged and even attract new ones.

So, what do you think about these tips ? Let us know in the comment section. We love getting feedbacks.

Author: Kimberly Darvin

Kimberly Darvin is a graduate of AB Media Arts from Southville International School and Colleges in the Philippines. She currently works at home as the Content Manager of and Outsourcing Exposed

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  • Hi Kimberly,
    Nice points. Many grew business online out of blogging. But the key really is to create a value for customers through blogging or any form of platforms. Blogging is a good start.

  • Interesting news . It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  • Blogging is a boon to me….. The love and interaction I share while blogging is unmatched…… Blogging has changed my online presence….. Thanks for this interesting post…….

  • 1. Build Relationships – I’ve seen some people doing this, like Brian Gardner, the founder of StudioPress.

    2 Become a Professional – Few good examples would be and SmartPassiveIncome

    3. Make your Blog a Selling Point – Any IM out there.

    4. Develop Personality – I’ve seen many web designer do this. They use blog to showcase their works and porfolio, while at the same time providing great resources to readers such as freebies and photoshop tutorials.

  • I keep on saying that Blogging and Business are two parts of the same apple. The one will get rot without another.

  • I think #2 is the most important factor of them all. You got to be a professional and portray yourself as one at all times. You don’t want to be known as unprofessional or have any blemishes on your name or brand online. Great post!

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